St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

Children with SEND

Here you will find some resources and websites which you might find useful during this unusual period. The main priority is your happiness and your child’s happiness so please do not stress about them completing the work set! If your child is struggling with the work their teacher has set feel free to look at other year group’s work as this might be more appropriate.

parent & carer booklet – transition back to school

Helplines for further information and support

Fine and gross motor skills activities

Home learning ideas

Top Tip guides

Advice to help reduce stress for chidlren

Autism support for home learning

Ideas and tips for attention autism activities

Tips to support anxiety in EYFS children

Tips to support anxiety in primary aged children

Top tips for positive learning environemnt at home

Top tips on reading with your child

Top tips to help with spelling

Top tips to improve reading words

ADHD support for home learning


Below are documents which include descriptions and give strategies to help parents deal with difficulties children may face whilst their routine has changed.

Parent fact sheets



Difficulty Sleeping

Low Mood

Low Self esteem

Managing Sensory Processing Difficulties at Home

Toileting and Neurodevelopmental Conditions


Below are two social stories for explaining the current situation to children with autism and other social or communicative difficulties. These will also be useful for explaining the current situation to any child.

The Corona Virus

Pandemics and the Coronavirus

Corona Virus; A book for children

Visual timetables – we find these really useful for some children in school so they know what to expect from the day ahead. These will also help with routine. 

Daily routine visual cards

Now and Next cards

School visual timetable cards

Visual timetable for home