St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool


At St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that PE plays a central role to a child’s health, well being and physical and mental development. By educating children how not only to keep active but also how to eat a well balanced diet is key to setting a strong foundation for a healthy future lifestyle.

Physical Education is about developing children’s enjoyment, confidence and skills in physical activity and introducing them to the pleasures of sport. Through participation in physical education, pupils will develop spatial and bodily awareness and expressive aquatic and manipulative skills.

At St Patrick’s we aim to provide a PE programme that will have the following desired outcomes.





Sense of achievement



Fair play


Team work and co-operation

We deliver 2 hours curriculum lessons each week – one with the class teacher and one with a sports coach delivering a wide variety of games through the year. We also have a wide range of extra curricular clubs and teams and encourage children to participate in these.

PE end of year milestones

PE LTP 2021-22


Athletics skills progression

Dance skills progression

Gymnastics skills progression

Swimming skills progression