St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

School Council

Every year the children of St Patrick’s vote for children in their class to represent them on the School Council.

Having a school council allows the children to have a say on issues in school. The council meet weekly to talk about things that are important to the children and to organise or take part in activities or campaigns that are happening in school.

Elections were held in September when the councillors were elected by their classes. This year we have decided to have more children to represent their class, so four councillors have been elect in each class.  One pair will be the councillors for the first half of the year, and the other pair will do it for the second half of the year. We hope this will be a good way to hear everyone’s voice.

The elections help to teach all children about democracy and voting, and as part of out British Values that enable us to be a democratic society, we listened to speeches from the candidates and were given ballot papers to vote for our choice.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead with lots of ideas from our councillors and all of our pupils.

We have a team building trip to Shylowen stables for each new council group. As well as talking about day to day issues and ideas, the councillors will also chose some ideas and tasks to focus on. The older Councillors also represent our school at the Liverpool Schools Parliament where children from all Liverpool schools can meet to talk about issues that are important to them.

We encourage all children to share their ideas with their class councillors and let us know what is important to them.