St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

Sickness, Medication & Health

Reporting Absence

Please contact school as soon as possible if your child is ill, especially if your child has an infectious disease. Please call school on the telephone number (0151) 709 1062. Everyday staff check who is absent and follow routine procedures. If you have not informed school about your child’s absence we will try to contact you. We will phone and may make a home visit to try and find out why your child is absent. If you have told they school why your child is absent but they are off school for longer than a week, school may phone to check on how they are. School record all reasons for absence. If you do not provide a reason for why your child was off school we have to record that absence as unauthorised.

Below is the document we use from the Department of Public Health for guidance on Infection Control.  Please note we will adhere to the advice in this document on the recommended period children must be kept away from school or nursery.

Guidance on infection control in schools

Illness at School 

If your child becomes unwell during school we will telephone parents and carers using the contact numbers you have provided.  Arrangements will then be made for parents or a responsible adult to collect the child. It is important that the contact details we hold for parents and carers is up to date and we will ask for this to be confirmed or updated on a regular basis.

For this reason it is essential that the school is informed of any change in contact details and circumstances.

Administration of Medicine

If your child is well enough to be in school but they have been prescribed medicine, we can administer medicine following the Local Authority guidelines.  You need to visit the school office and complete and sign forms before we can administer medicine to your child.  If the medicine is ongoing (e.g. asthma inhalers, tablets etc) it is your responsibility to ensure that medicine is available and in date.

Please complete form Parental Agreement for school to administer medicine

Head lice

Head lice are very common particularly in school settings.  Parents are advised to check their children’s hair regularly for signs of head lice. Treatments are available from pharmacies. If head lice is reported in a classroom, a letter will be sent home to advise parents and carers.

More information about head lice is available from the NHS website

School Nurse

Please find attached school nurse referral form school nurse referral form

NHS Website. NHS School Support Website