St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

Irish Dancing in Year 2

Year 2 had a fantastic workshop on Friday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We had a go at Irish dancing and loved it. Take a look at our photos from the session.

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African food tasting!

Thanks so much to our amazing families who kindly cooked us African food! We just LOVED it!


Getting Warmer

Year 2 have been investigating how and why materials change form. Most materials expand when they are heated. The children made predications on how the materials might change and described how the materials appeared when they changed. We had so much fun and were amazed at the changes that took place when materials including chocolate, bath bombs, wax and jelly cubes were mixed with hot water.


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I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man…

Today, each child from Year 2 went on a stick hunt to make their very own Stick Man. After we made the stick men in our Art books, we wrote character descriptions for each one of them. Take a look at our great photos so far.

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Year 2 – Portrait Detectives

Year 2 had a great time at the Walker Art Gallery this morning. We found out about the difference between portraits and self-portraits and spoke in detail about different artists and their techniques when painting. We also had a go at drawing our own self-portraits. Take a look at our great photos…. we had such an enjoyable morning!

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Year 2’s Bird Feeders

In English last week, Year 2 wrote instructions on how to make bird feeders. Today, we followed the instructions and made them using recycled bottles, kebab sticks and string. We are making bird feeders to help the birds eat during winter. We are going to put the seeds into the bottles the week after next, and hang them on the trees around school. Can you remember why birds find it hard to eat during winter Year 2? What did our book ‘Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World’ tell us?

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Year 2’s Boat Floating Challenge

Year 2 had lots of fun finding out about materials and their properties last week. We carried out an experiement to try and make our handmade boats waterproof using wax crayons. We had to make sure the whole bottom part of the boat was covered with wax or the boat would get wet, rip and sink to the bottom! Some of us were waterproofing masters! Take a look at some of our photos and please leave us a comment to read in class 🙂

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