At St Patrick’s, our science curriculum aims to stimulate pupils’ interest in scientific phenomena and to foster a sense of awe and wonder.  Through outstanding teaching and learning, we bring a tangible sense of excitement to our science lessons. Meaningful investigations and enquiry are the core of every child’s learning.

Our school has chosen to use Empiribox to provide pupils with top-quality resources, and teachers with rigourous CPD. Our children study 3 knowledge units per year, meaning by the end of their school career, they will have covered the whole National Curriculum and much more! KS1 classes study the same units at the same time, differentiated to ensure our Y2 children experience higher levels of challenge. Likewise, in KS2, our classes study the same units, with the demands on our pupils’ knowledge and skills development increasing year-on-year.

We want our children not only to access science in school, but to engage in real-life science at home, through inspiring our parents and guardians with parent-learning days, family science trips and our monthly science homeworks.

Ultimately, St Patrick’s science curriculum aims to develop ambitious aspirations, through excellent teaching and learning, where every child feels and knows that they are a scientist!

Science end of year milestones

KS1 Long Term Plan with Skills

KS2 Long Term Plan with Skills

SMSC for Science