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Here is our learner profile for what a Year 3 child will be able to do by the end of the year.


Year 3 news...

Year 3 Investigating Shadows

Year 3 have been investigating how opaque objects create shadows by not letting light pass through them. We explored how shadows change when the object’s distance from the light source changes, so we needed great teamwork and precise science and maths skills for our measuring and recording! Great work, Year 3!


Investigating Life Cycles

This morning in science we were learning about the life cycles of different animals: mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and reptiles. Seriously good discussion, questions and use of prior knowledge from all children. Thrilled with the vocabulary the children were using, ‘evolution’, ‘genes’, ‘egg’, and ‘develop’ to name a few, and the quality of their explanations.

We popped up to the science garden to have a look in our solitary bee hive, where we have a few bee larvae developing. It was great to look through the viewing window and see how the bee has made her individual chambers for each egg. While we were up by the pond, it would have been rude not to check out our developing frogs during this lesson, so we spent some time watching our little friends!

We also remembered it had been exactly a week since we filled up the pond. We needed to do this as so much water had evaporated, leaving the concentration of potentially harmful chemicals higher than normal. The weather has continued to be warm, so we took a ruler with us and measured how much water had evaporated in just 7 days – a whopping 3.5cm!

Back in class, the children drew examples of the life cycles of a range of animals, with great accuracy! So proud of these boys and girls, they are incredible scientists.


Stone Age in Shropshire

We just loved our visit to see Cave Man Dan in Shropshire! It was such an incredible way to consolidate our learning on the Stone Age and just amazing to meet a REAL cave man!

The children made arrow heads and fat lamps and had a workshop where they handled Stone Age artefacts: obsidian knives, animal skins, containers and tools.



Data harvesting In the garden!

We loved our data maths challenge – collecting data on the flowers in our school grounds.we check 4 of our gardens for species and numbers and used the imfor,action to produce pictographs for Mr Larkin!



Patterns in material

In art this term, we have been learning about patterns and textures. We used view finders to focus our eye on patterns in different material. The children used black felt tips to create stricking images of these patterns in their art books!



Bear habitats

We have been learning about hibernation and why some animals need to hibernate to survive. The children were challenged to make a cave for a brown bear that would be as quiet and dark as possible, so as not to disturb the bear’s sleep.

They experimented with different sound insulation and gels to block light from the entrance. They then used data loggers to record how much environmental sound and light pollution got into the caves. Great stuff! 


Classification Keys

Year 3 are learning about, environment, ecology and evolution in Science this term. As part of our studies, we have been classifying living things by their characteristics. Year 3 made keys to classify a range of invertebrates, they were fabulous!



Desert Formations

This term, we’ve been learning about deserts and desert formations. We learned about painted rocks, rock bridges, mushroom rocks and sandunes to name but a few! Lovely links to all pf our geology work last term! As it was such a beautiful day, we hopped outside to make some of our own sandunes, learning how wind direction can effect their shape.




Crosby Hall Day 1

We have had the best day! When the children arrived they had to make their own beds and unpack. For lunch we had soup and sandwiches, and a fruit platter for afters. After this, we spent some time on the adventure course – this was amazing – so much fun and a great challenge. We were exhausted so we had a little break, squash and a biscuit before continuing the fun. Half of us went to a pottery class, the rest of had a swap to cross! We’ve just had our tea, spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, followed by syrup sponge and custard!



Edible soil! Eww!

We had so much fun learning about the different layers that make up the crust of the Earth! The children learned about bedrock, subsoil, top soil and humus and we used a different treat to represent each layer.