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Eco Christmas cards!

Eco club had a lovely time on Friday making “Eco friendly” Christmas cards! We used card and paper which had been put out to be thrown away, and added leaves and berries. We did use some sequins but we have learnt how using sequins and glitter outdoors is not a good idea as they can be harmful to wildlife.


Icy investigators!

Nursery and Reception have been having a wonderful time outdoors exploring the icy conditions. We have been finding and describing 2D  and 3D shapes made of ice, and talking through icy windows! This morning we also set up an investigation to see what happens if we leave some water and sequins in trays overnight. Will it be cold enough to freeze tonight? If so we will have some icy decorations! If not we will carefully gather all our sequins for another day so they are not dangerous to all the wildlife we have around school.


So much excitement about the snow!

Nursery and Reception were delighted with the first snow today. We ran around cheering while it was snowing, then afterwards looked closely at what had settled. We talked about how it looked and felt, and what might happen to it next. Why was it disappearing? What does melting mean? We hope to have some more soon!


Year 4 Science fun!

We would make amazing security guards in year 4! Here we are testing and making burglar alarms in science! We now know that it’s important to use a conductor in our circuits!


Santa’s Year 1 Science Challenge!

Year 1 were so excited today because a very special visitor dropped by…SANTA CLAUS! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw him in our Year 1 garden! He had to fly away in his sleigh (he is obviously very busy at this time of year), but he had left us a letter and some big boxes of materials and musical instruments. In the letter, Santa said that he needed Year 1’s help because they are so good at science. Santa was worried that his sleigh bells would wake people up when he was delivering presents, so he asked us to find out which materials were the most effective at muffling the sound of the bells; that way, it will be a magical surprise on Christmas morning when Santa has been!

We tested newspaper, cardboard boxes, fabrics, bubble wrap, coats and cotton wool, and most children decided that cotton wool and bubble wrap were the best at dampening the sound! Thanks very much to our Year 6 science elves too! Good luck, Santa!

IMG_1914 IMG_1935


Getting warmer

Year 2 have been investigating how and why materials change form. Most materials expand when they are heated. The children made predications on how the materials might change and described how the materials appeared when they changed. We had so much fun and were amazed at the changes that took place when materials including chocolate, bath bombs, wax and jelly cubes were mixed with hot water.


Science Parent Workshop – electricity

In Science, we designed burglar alarms by using our knowledge of circuits. We invited our parents and families in to support us and they were a fantastic help! It was great to show them how much we know about electricity and to impress them by helping them. Thank you all for coming!

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Our last day at KIND

Another amazing day at KIND. We are so sad that it is our last day but have been so lucky to have such a great opportunity. Thank you so much to all the staff at KIND, especially Tilly.

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Y1 KIND Day 4

Another amazing day at Kind. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to spend time here.

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KIND – Day 3

Today, Year 1 learned how to use Venn diagrams and pictograms to help us to classify different kinds of animals like mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We also learned about animal food chains and investigated what some carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat!