Making Stir Fry

Our continent for International Week is Asia. So yesterday, we made a really yummy stir fry. It tasted amazing! Tracey showed us how and we included lots of lovely fresh, healthy vegetables. Lots of us went back for seconds (and thirds).

Thank you so much to some of the parents who came to help us with our learning.

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Beautiful butterflies!

We have learnt so much from watching our caterpillars turn into crysalides and hatch into butterflies! We fed them carefully and learnt about their life cycle. Then this morning we had a very special experience. We held a collective worship outdoors with our buddies from Year One and released our butterfly friends into our lovely forest school area. We wished them well and will be looking out for them from now on!

When we were outdoors later we enjoyed drawing our own butterflies with chalk.

Have a look at our special memories!

Soggy, soggy Darwen!

IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2765 IMG_2518 IMG_2514 IMG_2513As part of our Geograhy fieldwork unit, we went to Darwen in Blackburn today. It poured down, but it didn’t dampen our amazing Year 3’s spirits! They stormed up Darwen Hill and loved exploring the Victorian folly.  Along the way, we explored different plant species, saw a field of ponies (and a foal!), a flock of sheep. It was rather misty, but we enjoyed the beautiful views of Darwen between the clouds! At the top, we had a picnic and Ruaa managed to slip in some reading time! A great day had by all; we were rather sleepy on the way home!

Dear Dinosaur!

IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2585 IMG_2613 IMG_2615 IMG_2628 IMG_2655For our whole school dinosaur book, we’ve been busy rearching, making and meeting dinosaurs!

Magical moments with our new friend Barnie!

We have had a memorable morning meeting Barnie the T Rex! He looked fierce, but was actually really gentle…although he did seem to want to nibble Mr Larkin’s laptop! We then helped to show how long and how tall a real T Rex was, which fits in with the measuring activities we have been doing in class. This afternoon we are going to do some special writing and drawing about Barnie, like Max in our whole school book “Dear Dinosaur”.

Pond rescue!

On Friday Eco Club had a wonderful time rescuing tadpoles and other pond wildlife from our old pond, and moving them carefully to our beautiful new pond. Two frogs kept popping their heads up to watch us! Can you remember some of the creatures you spotted Eco Club?

Super sandwiches!

We made egg sandwiches yesterday in Foundation Stage with free range eggs collected by Reception at the farm last week! Yum yum!

Making electrical circuits in Year 2

Year 2 have begun to learn about how electricity works. We looked at household items that use electricity and talked about some important health and safety issues, before carrying out an investigation into electrical circuits. We used batteries and crocodile clips to make closed circuits that included bulbs, buzzers or motors; some groups even managed to include all 3 at once, but we found that we sometimes needed more batteries as an extra power source to make sure there was enough electricity to share around!

Great work, Year 2! How many household items can you think of that use electricity?


Fun on the farm!

Reception had a WONDERFUL time at Church Farm today. We met and were able to hold rabbits and guinea pigs, then learnt about chickens and eggs while collecting eggs ourselves from the hen house! We are going to use them to make sandwiches for our role play cafe on Monday. Then we went on a tractor ride, stopping off to feed donkeys, alpacas and sheep. After that we fed ourselves, and were joined by a cheeky chicken at lunch time! We went to see some more animals, then had fun at the indoor beach, played on pedal tractors, and finished the day with a yummy ice cream. We had so much fun and learnt a lot. We were also told how wonderfully we had behaved (as usual!). Well done Reception!

Evolution Day

Yesterday, Mr B visited us for a very special science themed day. We learnt all about Evolution and Inheritance through lots of different activities.

Firstly, we learnt about different theories and famous scientists, followed by a fun and exciting sports session before lunch. Finally, we worked together to look at special fossils and sort them.

Can you tell me a fascinating fact you have learnt year 5?

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