Bark and Read 28.6.17

Today we had a visit from Vera, a Patterdale cross breed. We thought she looked like a puppy but she was older, it’s just that she was small and lively! She was also very calm though, and friendly. She listened to us read whilst relaxing and enjoying some attention. A lot of us said we wanted to take her home! IMG_4174 IMG_4175 IMG_4176 IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4180 IMG_4181 IMG_4182 IMG_4183 Version 2 IMG_4186 IMG_4187 IMG_4193

Soggy, soggy Darwen!

IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2765 IMG_2518 IMG_2514 IMG_2513As part of our Geograhy fieldwork unit, we went to Darwen in Blackburn today. It poured down, but it didn’t dampen our amazing Year 3’s spirits! They stormed up Darwen Hill and loved exploring the Victorian folly.  Along the way, we explored different plant species, saw a field of ponies (and a foal!), a flock of sheep. It was rather misty, but we enjoyed the beautiful views of Darwen between the clouds! At the top, we had a picnic and Ruaa managed to slip in some reading time! A great day had by all; we were rather sleepy on the way home!

Dear Dinosaur!

IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2585 IMG_2613 IMG_2615 IMG_2628 IMG_2655For our whole school dinosaur book, we’ve been busy rearching, making and meeting dinosaurs!

Magical moments with our new friend Barnie!

We have had a memorable morning meeting Barnie the T Rex! He looked fierce, but was actually really gentle…although he did seem to want to nibble Mr Larkin’s laptop! We then helped to show how long and how tall a real T Rex was, which fits in with the measuring activities we have been doing in class. This afternoon we are going to do some special writing and drawing about Barnie, like Max in our whole school book “Dear Dinosaur”.

Bark and Read 21.6.17

Today we were joined by Mitch. He is a lurcher. He is the male dog that was rescued with Zella who visited us last week. They have two children who were rescued with them, and after they were rescued the the vet found out that Zella is going to have more puppies.

Mitch was a bit nervous when there was a big group of us but when there were only two of us and we were nice and calm he felt less shy and was very friendly.  He even made friends with the doctor who is is visiting our school today! As well as reading we learned some more things today about how dogs feel and behave and how to think about our own actions and how it might make the dogs feel.

IMG_4148 IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4158


Ice Trap Shackletons

Today in year 6,we had a debate on our book called Ice Trap Shackletons incredible expedition.Our debate was if Shackleton would leave the island or stay. There were some really strong reasons to stay, but it was chosen he would leave the island. Can anyone explain why we decided this was the best option?

My Dinosaur Dad!

We have been learning so much through researching dinosuars, and have also been enjoying some great books. We really liked the descriptions in “My Dinosaur Dad” and used the book for our performance in Father’s Day assembly. Thank you to everyone who came, and well done to the children!


Bark and Read 14th June 2017

Today Zella came to visit us. She is 4 years old.  Her breed is a lurcher. She is very calm and her story is sad. She was abandoned by her owners with her family who were another dog and their two puppies who are 1 year old.

She was very calm and chilled. We thought she might be a little bit nervous of us, but she seemed happy. She is friendly, she liked to listen to us. She was very well behaved.IMG_3981 IMG_3982 IMG_3983 IMG_3985 IMG_3988 IMG_3991 IMG_3992 IMG_3993

Early Years investigators…

This week in Nursery and Reception we will be very busy as usual!

As part of the whole school “Science and PE week” we will be finding out more about how exercise affects our bodies, as well as how our choices in the foods we eat can help us to be healthy.

We will also be finding out more about dinosaurs, as we continue our dinosaur-related research, and we will be enjoying the book “Dinosaur Dad”, which we will be performing as part of an assembly on Friday to celebrate Father’s Day.

We will be out in our gardens as usual, but especially on the look out for mini-beasts, as we take part in the “Great Bug Hunt” competition! We will be drawing and writing about the creatures we find, as well as talking about how to care for the things which live around us. Indoors, we will be closely observing our caterpillars, and reading about what happens to them as they grow and change!


Bark and Read 7.6.17

Today Anthony brought Lisa the Lurcher to come and meet us. Lisa is about 3 years old and Alexie said her coat was the same colours and pattern as the painted dogs at Chester Zoo!

Lisa was a very chilled dog indeed! She was friendly and very relaxed. She seemed to find our reading very calming because she lay back listening to us, and she nearly fell asleep.

IMG_3956 IMG_3957 IMG_3959 IMG_3961 IMG_3962