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We love Maths – 2020-21 Highlights!

At St Patrick’s Primary School, maths is much more than a school subject; it’s an essential life skill that we will use every day of our lives. It’s also really fun! Here are some of the great moments we have enjoyed in our maths learning this year.

NSPCC Number Day, 7th May 2021

In May, we had one of our favourite days of the year: NSPCC Number Day! We get to dress up with a maths theme, take on fun maths challenges throughout the day and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Take a look at some of these photos from a fantastic day!

Census Day, 19th March 2021

We like to plan regular dates in our calendar to enable us to link maths to real life events. On 19th March, each class in the school carried out special maths activities relating to Census Day.

In EYFS, the children started to learn about what the census means and how our maths skills can give us important information, recording the snacks each person likes and counting to find the totals. This developed throughout the school, with older children carrying out their own censuses and recording them in different ways.

Year 4 compared statistics from today and the 1800s about population sizes and the job market, even learning some Victorian slang to compare to today’s language! They then created their own time capsules to teach the children of the future a bit about life in 2021!

The children had their own ideas too; Ryan in Year 3 had a great idea to count all the rooms in school for Census Day and see who could estimate the correct number. Jack made a tally chart on our way around the school, and 5 people in the school got it exactly right!

Maths during Lockdown – Home Learning

Our teachers, parents and children did an amazing job during lockdown, continuing to learn and produce great work in maths! Teachers delivered daily lessons on Teams, as well as providing extra resources, ideas and challenges on our website and Twitter account (including low-stakes quizzes, real life maths problems relating to football, money, cooking, etc. and our favourite collection of free (and screen-free!) maths games to play with the family. We also launched two whole-school Times Tables Rockstars competitions – one during the month of January and another on World Maths Day 3rd March, when we challenged a number of local schools to an online times tables battle (won by our own Year 5 class)!

Liverpool Maths Party, 25th September 2020

We had great fun celebrating the LLP Liverpool Maths Party, with exciting indoor and outdoor maths games across the school. We even made a special music video for the day:!

Now take a look at what kind of things our children have been up to in their daily maths learning!

Maths in EYFS

Maths in KS1

Maths in KS2