St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

We love maths in St Patrick’s! We are always looking for opportunities to take maths beyond the classroom and explore how we use maths in our everyday lives and how maths is connected to real world events! Take a look at some of the things we have been doing this year!

Maths is Everywhere Poster Competition

We were blown away by the response to our Maths is Everywhere poster competition in October! Our Maths Buddies had a difficult job in choosing the winner!

LLP Liverpool Maths Party and NSPCC Number Day

Maths is fun! We kicked off the year with a brilliant Maths Party Day full of incredible maths-themed costumes and fun maths activities. In February, we took part in another of our favourite days of the year: the NSPCC Number Day, raising money for a good cause and enjoying more maths games, activities and competitions!

The Fiver Challenge

The Fiver Challenge is an entrepreneurial initiative in which each class starts with £5 that they can invest on anything they choose, with the goal of making the most profit that they can by the end of the week! The children decided on an activity to run, worked out the pricing and potential profits, led the activities, took the money, gave change, counted their takings…great real-life maths! In the end, we raised a whopping £560 for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal!

Natwest MoneySense

We are a NatWest-accredited MoneySense school and, as such, place great importance on teaching our pupils about financial numeracy, including keeping our money safe and secure, using money wisely and learning to budget!

Maths Through Stories

Maths is everywhere, even in stories! We love to look for the maths in different subjects, our environment and events in the news. For Maths Through Stories Week, each class chose a text and asked our favourite question: where’s the maths in that?

Young Savers Club

Our long-running savings club continues to go from strength to strength! In collaboration with LifeSavers and the Credit Union, we provide an opportunity for our children and families to open a savings account, learn to be responsible with their finances and improve their maths skills involving money, all supported by our wonderful Maths Buddies / cashiers!

Parent-Child Maths Sessions

To mark National Numeracy Day, we held a special week of maths sessions throughout the school during the week of 15th-19th May. We invited our families into each class during the week to take part in some fun, challenging maths activities! It was wonderful to see so much support and enthusiasm for maths from all our families! Thank you!

Year 2 Maths Club

We have run a number of maths clubs during the year, including a Year 4 Times Tables Rockstars Club and a Year 2 lunchtime club!

Year 6 Reasoning Club

Our Year 6 mathematicians love the challenge of Reasoning Club sessions with Mr Dickinson, which take place at regular intervals throughout the year. St Patrick’s hosts the events and also welcomes pupils from Windsor Street Primary to take on a range of reasoning challenges that promote resilience, the use of mathematical language and working systematically, helping pupils to make connections, spot patterns and solve problems!

Here are some more examples of fantastic maths!