St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool
  • Patrick’s understands that the partnership between home and school is vital to a child’s progress.
  • The school acknowledges that children do better and learn more effectively when they are encouraged to discuss their learning and their school day with their family.


  • At all times school wishes to work with parents to provide the best possible education for our pupils. We seek to inspire them with a desire to learn and acquire skills. It is important that parents support this process as homework can contribute to this success.


  • Homework is a means of developing children’s independent and research skills. This is particularly important for upper juniors who are preparing for secondary school.


  • Homework reinforces and extends work being done in school.
  • As a school we want our pupils to have well rounded experiences and through our homework we aim to do this.



  • Weekly book club, children are encouraged to take home books and share these with their families.


  • Family projects will be set by the team to encourage families to work with children on collaborative projects. These projects will include all areas of the curriculum.



  • Reading books are given out from September, books are appropriate to their age and ability, including books for the children to read and enjoy with their family.


  • Family projects will be set by the team to encourage families to work with children on collaborative projects. These projects will include all areas of the curriculum and be given out via Teams.


KS1 & KS2 (differentiated according to ability and age)


English –

  • Children are encouraged to read every night. They have a home reading book and reading record.
  • All children have online access to ‘Bug Club’; on this the children can do comprehension and SPAG activities. These are selected by the class teacher and monitored using the online system.


  • One piece of written work will be given out per week (Directed via Teams)


  • A list of spellings will be given out (Spelling Shed)


Maths –

  • All children will be given multiplication tables to learn. We ask all parents/carers to participate in and encourage this, as knowledge of tables is vital to Maths success.


  • All children have online access to ‘Timetable Rockstars’. This provides the children with an array of activities to help improve their skills in all areas of Maths.


  • One piece of written work a week. (Directed via Teams)


Family Projects –

  • Projects will be set by teachers to encourage the pupils to explore all areas of the curriculum. By working as a family on these projects and working collaboratively, pupils will strive and develop a love of learning. (Directed via Teams)


Helpful hints for Homework


  1. Find a quiet time, earlier in the evening rather than later.
  2. Try to make sure there is available equipment your child might need – pen, pencil, coloured pencils, ruler, rubber etc. Please see school if you need these.


  1. Get your child to explain to you what they have to do.
  2. Allow your child to ‘have a go’ without your help first before helping them.


  1. Tell your child to tell his/her teacher which parts were causing a problem.
  2. After 20 minutes take a ten-minute break.
  3. If your child is learning something e.g. tables, spellings, science facts – often writing it down or telling someone else helps their learning.


All children are expected to complete homework satisfactorily and return it on time.

This will only be achieved with your support and will be of great benefit to your child. By doing this we are preparing your children to be independent.


SEN pupils

St. Patrick’s is a ‘Dyslexia Friendly School’ and staff do everything they can to help and support all pupils who have been diagnosed with a SPLD – dyslexia. Homework and expectations will be as best suited to your child’s ability.


Parents’ Evenings & Coffee Learning Mornings

Further help can be given on these occasions when teachers will suggest more particular details on how you can help your child most effectively at home. Coffee mornings are held throughout the year to keep Parents up to date with new teaching methods and offer advice or support. Parent Friendly Curriculum maps can be found on the school website to ensure that Parents are able to support their child in their learning.


Extra Curricular

At St Patrick’s we place great importance on our children having a wealth of experiences outside of the classroom. We encourage all our children to take part in extra curricular clubs within and outside of school. As a school we understand that their wider commitments may affect when homework is completed, parents are encouraged to discuss this with teachers.

Co-ordinator:   H Jones

Date: September 2020

Review date: September 2021