St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

1           Introduction


1.1      All education during school hours is free. We do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum with the exception of individual or group music tuition.


2           Voluntary contributions


2.1      When organising school trips, visits or coaching/tuition which enrich the curriculum and educational experience of the children, the school may invite parents to contribute to the costs. All contributions are voluntary. If we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions, we may cancel a trip/activity. If it goes ahead, it may include children whose parents have not paid any contribution. We do not treat these children differently from any others.


2.2      If a parent wishes their child to take part in a school trip or event, but is unwilling or unable to make a voluntary contribution, we do allow the child to participate fully in the trip or activity. Sometimes the school pays additional costs in order to support the visit. Parents have a right to know how each trip is funded. The school provides this information on request.


2.3      The following is a list of additional activities organized by the school, which require voluntary contributions from parents. These activities are known as ‘optional extras’. This list is not exhaustive:


  • visits to museums;
  • sporting activities which require transport expenses;
  • outdoor adventure activities;
  • visits to the theatre;
  • school trips abroad;
  • musical events.


3           Residential visits


3.1      If the school organises a residential visit in school time or mainly school time, which is to provide education directly related to the National Curriculum, we do not make any charge for the education or travel expenses, although a donation may be requested. However, we do make a charge to cover the costs of board and lodging.


4           Music tuition


4.1      All children study music as part of the normal school curriculum. We do not charge for this.


4.2      There may be a charge for individual or group music tuition if this is not part of the National Curriculum. The peripatetic music teachers teach individual or small group lessons.


5           Swimming


5.1      The school organises swimming lessons for all children in Key Stage 2. These take place in school time and are part of the National Curriculum. We make no charge for this activity. We inform parents when these lessons are to take place, and we ask parents for their written permission for their child to take part in swimming lessons.


7           School minibus


7.1      We may sometimes (e.g. for longer journeys) charge children if they are transported in the minibus to an extra-curricular activity. However, we use these charges only to cover the expenses of the trip, and not to make a profit.



Policy written by: J Lewis

Date of policy: September 2019  Ratified by Governors 14.10.19

Review date: September 2022