St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

Paul Cezanne-inspired still life drawing

A lovely afternoon creating our own still life compositions, following our learning about Paul Cezanne. The children used different grades of pencils to create lighter areas and shadows. As the pencils were water soluble, (nice science link there!) some of us used damp paintbrushes to blend our shading better.



Mapping for England Day


Awesome mapping skills shown by Year 3 this morning. We started off looking at aerial maps of England, before the children learned how to find towns and cities using coordinates. Super work!



African Dance Workshop

Year 3 finished Africa Day with a wonderful African dance workshop! These children have super rhythm!



African food tasting!

Thanks so much to our amazing families who kindly cooked us African food! We just LOVED it!


Amazing African Percussion with Mr Larkin

We loved our music lesson with Mr Larkin this afternoon! “Af-ri-ca (Man-de-la)!”

The Chinese Youth Orchestra

Wow! We watched the most incredible performance of Chinese music today, performed by a very talented group of Cantonese teenagers. It was awe inspiring, and we were all amazed by the beautiful, powerful sounds made by their traditional instruments.



Arabic Day in Year 3


Our Arabic day has been fantastic! We started our celebrations learning about which countries in the world speak Arabic as their official language. We discovered it is spoken widely across Africa and some parts of Asia.  Farhan’s mum then visited us to teach us about henna and she kindly spent an hour decorating our hands. Finally, we spent the afternoon making a Middle Eastern dish called falafel and a minty yoghurt dip to accompany it. Wonderful cross curricular learning: art, geography, D&T and British Values all rolled into one day!

Making flapjacks

We had a super morning following a recipe to make fruity flapjacks for our cake sale. The children had to weigh out the ingredients, carefully chop up the fruit and use a pan to melt the butter, sugar and syrup. They showed excellent cookery skills (we’ve practised lots this term), and applied all of their measure learning from maths over the last few weeks.



Number Day Bake Sale


Great to see children putting their maths into practise today selling cakes and working out change for the NSPCC! Thanks to all of the parents who made cakes, supported the children and to Year 3 pupils for making flapjacks. We’re still counting all the money we made, watch this space!

Mediterranean Climates (biomes)


Today, we learned about Mediterranean climates and the sorts of foods that can be produced there. The children tried olives, goats’ cheese and grapes, before investigating the conditions required for different crops and animals to thrive. We were amazed to discover that not all Mediterranean climates are found around the Mediterranean Sea! We found some in every other continent (except Antarctica!). Also, great to see EVERY child try EVERY food type! In Year 3, we always say, “you don’t have to like it, but you should always try it.”