St Patrick's Primary School, Liverpool

Pond dipping

In science club this week, we went pond dipping to see what was lurking in the waters this time of year. The children weren’t expecting to see much, but we were pleasently surprised! See some photos on Twitter!

I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man…

Today, each child from Year 2 went on a stick hunt to make their very own Stick Man. After we made the stick men in our Art books, we wrote character descriptions for each one of them. Take a look at our great photos so far.

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Year 2’s Bird Feeders

In English last week, Year 2 wrote instructions on how to make bird feeders. Today, we followed the instructions and made them using recycled bottles, kebab sticks and string. We are making bird feeders to help the birds eat during winter. We are going to put the seeds into the bottles the week after next, and hang them on the trees around school. Can you remember why birds find it hard to eat during winter Year 2? What did our book ‘Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World’ tell us?

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