At St Patrick’s, our D&T curriculum aims to stimulate pupils’ interest and understanding of good design and technology and how it impacts on the culture, wealth and well-being of the nation. We seek to foster our children’s ingenuity and skills development. Through outstanding teaching, we strive to give children the opportunity to draw on disciplines such as maths, engineering, science, computing and art, develop their imagination and creativity, and give them opportunities to solve real and relevant problems.  St Patrick’s D&T units follow a clear cycle of evaluating, developing technical skills and knowledge, designing, making and re-evaluating.

Our children know that D&T is a subject where everyone can be successful, “I love looking around and seeing everyone smiling and helping each other” (Year 5 pupil).

We want our children to experience how developing technical skills and an understanding of design can affect their futures. We foster this through trips, studying influential designers, and designing and building for real purposes.  Ultimately, our D&T curriculum aims to develop ambitious learners with high aspirations through excellent teaching and learning.

Design and Technology end of year milestones

DT Long Term Plan 2018-19

SMSC for D&T