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Here is our learner profile for what a Year 6 child will be able to do by the end of the year.

Year 6 Learner Profile

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Year 6 Leavers Presentation

Well it’s been a very emotional morning looking at at the fantastic memories the Year 6 children have built during their time here. It’s safe to say you will be really missed! Here’s the powerpoint for you to keep and remember all your fun times!


Leavers 2018 part 1

Leavers 2018 part 2

Leavers 2018 part 3


Year 6’s Amazing Summer Production

Our Year 6 children have just put on a spectacular show for parents and pupils, featuring singing, dancing…and several outfit changes! The pupils have been working so hard with Mrs. Stocks over the past few weeks to put this show together, and their hard work definitely paid off! We started off with a great rendition of Walking on Sunshine, before we spectacular dance routines for This is Me and Timber. We were then treated to a boys v girls mash-up of Men in Black and Independent Women, before Year 6 closed the show with an emotional performance of I’ll Be There. After the show, Mrs. Stocks and Mrs. Lewis hosted the “Year 6 Oscars” with each member of the class receiving a personalised award. Finally, it was time for the party to wrap up a fantastic evening!

Well done, Year 6 – we are all so proud of the amazing performers and people you have become during your time in St. Patrick’s!


St. Pat’s Got Talent 2018

We finished the term in style today with a beautiful church service for Holy Week, a lovely attendance assembly and, to top it all off, our annual St. Pat’s Got Talent spectacular! Children in each class from Nursery to Year 6 have been auditioning in their classes and practising hard to make through to the finals. The standard was so high again; the talent in this school is truly incredible! We had singing, dancing, piano playing, comedy and even magic!

In the end, Thomas and Alfie from Year 1, and Viyan from Year 6 were this year’s St. Pat’s Got Talent winners with their superb performances, but all the performers were outstanding. It was great to see so many parents there to support the children too, as always.

Well done, everyone and have a lovely Easter. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the photos and videos below!

Reception: Reception Performance

Thomas and Alfie (Year 1) Year 1 Singing

Anthony, Kamal, Ismail and Byron (Year 1) Year 1 Dance

Abbas, Dahir and Muiz (Year 2) Year 2 Group

Charlie (Year 2) Year 2 Singing

Amber and Amanda (Year 3) Year 3 Singing

Joseph, Tyler and John (Year 3) Year 3 Magic

Giddeon and Adam (Year 4) Year 4 Comedy

Lillianna and Maysie (Year 4) Year 4 Dance

Year 5 rock band (Year 5) Year 5 Rock

Kerin and Daisy (Year 5) Year 5 Dance

Viyan (Year 6) Year 6 Piano

21 Pilots (Year 6) Year 6 Rap

Kieran and Hawi (Year 6) Year 6 Singing





Year 6 Homework

Here is a link to the arithmetic homework as promised to keep you all busy over the holidays.



Faith in Action supporting CAFOD in Lent

This week the year 6 Faith in Action group designed posters to promote our Lent fundraising for CAFOD – the Easter raffle! Buy your tickets for a very good cause, as well as the chance of a lovely prize!


A Wonderful Afternoon at the Philharmonic


We we had a fabulous time listening to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra this afternoon. So many of our children told me how ‘lucky’ they felt on the way home. What a privilege!


Attendance winners!

Congratulations to Year 6 who have won our attendance challenge! They are the first class to finish Mr. Potato Head because of good attendance over the weeks. They now get to choose their prize! Looks like Mr. Potato Head is also giving it some thought…

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Christmas music extravaganza!

This morning, we finished the term off in style with a spectacular music assembly! Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 performed, all playing instruments and singing, and some even performing their own compositions!

Year 5 started us off with a rock classic; Livin’ On a  Prayer by Bon Jovi! The children played their own compositions on the keyboards, flutes, clarinets and glockenspiels, playing 3 separate parts. We also had fantastic rock drumming from Sarah and Conner! What a great way to start the show!


Then Year 1 showed us their hip-hop skills, rapping a modified version of the Grandma Rap (we changed it to the Santa Rap!), including their very own Christmas-themed rhythmic phrases led by Anthony, Nouf, Aye and Kitty!



Year 2 and Year 3 performed together, Year 2 on the glockenspiels and Year 3 on the recorders. They sang and played This Little Light of Mine…and it was amazing!


Year 4 have started to learn the clarinets this term with Mrs Holland, and they already sound great, performing 2 pieces for us as a class. Well done!



The Year 5 flutes group performed next. This sounded lovely!


After that, it was the Year 6 flutes group’s turn, playing Away in a Manger beautifully!


Next, the Year 6 clarinets group played Silent Night. We all felt very Christmassy by this point!


The school choir performed after that, singing a song by Mr Larkin called This Christmastime, with solo singers (the incredible Erin, Lily, Jessie and Lily) and singing in 3 parts. It was fabulous!



Finally, Year 6 closed the show with an absolutely wonderful performance of I’ll Be There. We had a harmony section, solos from Erin, Lily, Viyan, Millie, Alexie, Ciennah, Kenzy, Jewan, Julio, Lily-Rae, Abby (not to mention Bader, Luke, Kieran and Brendan at the end), and children performing their compositions in 3 parts on the keyboards, glockenspiels, clarinets and flutes! It was a superb end to the assembly!




Julio’s “Year 6 Blues” song!

We’ve definitely got some budding songwriters in Year 6! After learning about blues music during Black History Week, Julio decided to write his own blues song about the hardships of being in Year 6, such as being old enough to do the dishes, but not being old enough to vote!

I love it!


Getting ready for Advent

We are looking forward to Advent and preparing to celebrate Christmas. Our Faith in Action group have written reflections to display around the Nativity scene, helping us to think about what is really important at Christmas time.