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Here is our learner profile for what a Year 2 child will be able to do by the end of the year.

Year 2 Learner Profile

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St. Pat’s Got Talent 2018

We finished the term in style today with a beautiful church service for Holy Week, a lovely attendance assembly and, to top it all off, our annual St. Pat’s Got Talent spectacular! Children in each class from Nursery to Year 6 have been auditioning in their classes and practising hard to make through to the finals. The standard was so high again; the talent in this school is truly incredible! We had singing, dancing, piano playing, comedy and even magic!

In the end, Thomas and Alfie from Year 1, and Viyan from Year 6 were this year’s St. Pat’s Got Talent winners with their superb performances, but all the performers were outstanding. It was great to see so many parents there to support the children too, as always.

Well done, everyone and have a lovely Easter. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the photos and videos below!

Reception: 0016794A-03D2-4097-8EF4-97365463D4B9

Thomas and Alfie (Year 1) C1296B99-7970-43E6-B6E1-014E50C3F1F0

Anthony, Kamal, Ismail and Byron (Year 1) 199B2FA3-1B67-4359-BC01-9AF7485963C0

Abbas, Dahir and Muiz (Year 2) CAE4F638-2D0E-4942-963D-4B0B32C63408

Charlie (Year 2) IMG_0168[1]

Amber and Amanda (Year 3) 261C60CD-C2AD-449A-9DB9-1A0589F51996

Joseph, Tyler and John (Year 3) BA00B26F-0781-4186-BA2D-FDA275E6FECF

Giddeon and Adam (Year 4) 8FD90AF1-5510-4E0E-A681-B70BC6961516

Lillianna and Maysie (Year 4) 12E7D62C-1C70-445E-86E4-46744F855767

Year 5 rock band (Year 5) B5318DB9-0260-4913-8571-ABB1176D34D0

Kerin and Daisy (Year 5) BF500B32-7E40-450A-9F8C-AE0F78219FA7

Viyan (Year 6) A6DA7028-9EAE-4C31-B58E-AEF0C72A32B4

21 Pilots (Year 6) B609615A-7DA6-4E68-8E97-0D3D12D196EF

Kieran and Hawi (Year 6) 61B12727-6F87-4885-9C20-AEB478FD70D2





The Street Beneath My Feet

Year 2 have started doing some wonderful activities as part of our whole school book this week ‘The Street Beneath My Feet’ by Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer. We started off pretending we were archaeologists/paleontologists and writing a diary entry about what we found during our dig. After that, we produced some fabulous artwork with Faith Bebbington. Today, we went outside on a hunt for insects and minibeasts then started researching and writing facts about animals that live underground. It’s been a great week so far…


Egg Shell Investigation

Last week Year 2 started to investigate what might happen to egg shells in different types of liquids including apple juice, milk, coca cola, orange juice and water. We found out how much sugar was in each liquid (per 100ml) and made predictions about what might happen to the egg shells in each of these liquids after seven days.

We have taken photographs and have kept the eggs in class so we can observe the developments as they happen. They haven’t started to smell yet which is a great relief!



Irish Dancing in Year 2

Year 2 had a fantastic workshop on Friday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We had a go at Irish dancing and loved it. Take a look at our photos from the session.

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African art in the style of Martin Bulinya

This half term, Year 2 have been learning about Martin Bulinya. He is a very prolific Kenyan artist whose work shows caricatures of the Maasai people in a variety of stances and formations. He has a simple style, but he produces truly fun and interesting African art! Many of the paintings have very complex detailing into the material worn. His characters take dramatic poses, giving each one an effective emotion – you can almost hear some of the characters talking to each other! Take a look at some of Year 2’s creations using pencils, pastels and paints!

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A Snowy Maths Club!

Year 2 took their lunch time Maths Club outside today to solve some calculations in the snow! We came out after lunch to find some problems, including complex calculations written in the snow. Not only did we solve them, we even created our own questions to challenge each other!



We have been learning about parts of the Mass and the responses the parish family uses at Mass. We role-played some of the actions in a Mass and took on the parts of the priest and the congregation.


Fabulous Fossils!

Year 2 have been learning about fossils this week in Science. We made our very own fossils and took them home to keep, they were amazing! We love fossils and finding out about how they are made was so interesting – lots of Year 2 are now eager to become paleontologists when they grow up!


International Week

We’ve had a wonderful International Week in school. We have taken part in so many wonderful activities celebrating Arabic Day, Hispanic Day, Chinese Day, African Day and English Day. Have a look at our fabulous photos from this fun-filled week:


Making pizzas!

Year 2 have been learning about pizzas in our D&T topic this half term. We have sampled and analysed a selection of different pizzas, investigated a range of topics, and designed our own pizzas based on design criteria. Now it was time to make our own pizzas! Tracey came in to help us roll the dough, spread the tomato sauce, sprinkle the cheese, and select a range of toppings to make our pizzas as well-balanced, healthy and colourful as possible. Delicious!