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Welcome to Year One’s blog page.  We will keep you updated with the fun and exciting things we get up to everyday via our Twitter feed and blog.  We would really appreciate you commenting on our posts and letting us know what you think.

Here is our learner profile for what a year 1 child will be able to do by the end of the year.

Year 1 Learner Profile

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KS1 learn all about Islam

KS1 had very special visitors from the mosque yesterday to tell us all about Islam, prayer and the Prophet Muhammad. We love finding out about other faiths and religions and every one of us listened very carefully to our visitors. Take a look at some of our wonderful photos…




The Race to Make Mr. Potato Head continues…

The results so far are very close with 4 classes all having 6 pieces each, and the other classes not far behind. This could be a close run race!
Make sure you are all in school everyday for your class to be in with a chance to win!


Melting chocolate in science!

Today, Year 1 were investigating the properties of different kinds of chocolate! We looked at how chocolate is made, then we examined the differences between white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Obviously, to really investigate the chocolates thoroughly, we had to do a taste test too! We let the chocolates melt on our tongue to see if we could taste which kinds of chocolate had the most milk and the most cocoa, as that might affect how fast they melt! Why don’t you try it at home with your parents/carers and let us know what your results are!

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History trip to the Museum of Liverpool

Today, Year 1 visited the Museum of Liverpool for a special workshop about what toys used to be like in the past. In our history topic, we have been learning all about old and new toys, and today we were able to investigate which toys were older or newer and place them on a timeline. We looked for clues such as the material the toy was made from, its design features and the condition it was in to help us. We even got to play with lots of old-fashioned toys and we realised that old toys are really fun, even though they are different from some of our modern toys that we’re used to playing with!


RE assembly – “Welcome”

Thank you to everyone who came to or contributed to our lovely assembly this morning. Children from all classes were proud to show what they had been learning about Baptism and Confirmation. We are looking forward to learning about Islam next week, which will end in another special assembly next Friday. Do come and join us!


Making the perfect sandcastle!

In science today, we wanted to find out how to make the perfect sandcastle! We investigated whether wet sand made better sandcastles than dry sand, and if so, how much water was the best amount. We made 4 sandcastles each; one with no water, one with one cup, one with two cups and one with three cups. We discovered that wet sand makes a more solid sandcastle, but too much water makes the sand stick to the inside of the bucket! In the end, we decided that two or three cups of water mixed into a bucket of sand makes the perfect sandcastle!


RE – Learning about Baptism

Today, we learned about how Baptism is an important sacrament to welcome people in God’s family. We learned that the priest uses water for Baptisms and we thought of all the reasons why water is so important in our lives. We need it to survive, we drink it, wash ourselves with it, go swimming in it and water plants with it. In Baptism, we start a new life in God’s family, so water is important for Baptism too! Here’s a lovely thank you prayer from Savannah, Yusuf, Thomas, Luke and Orhan, thanking God for water.

Thank you for water


Fantastic Families Assembly!

Last Friday we enjoyed a wonderful “Show and tell” assembly to mark the end of our RE topic, “Families”. Each class shared what they had been learning in a creative way, and it was wonderful that so many of our families came to celebrate with us! Thank you to all who came and to all the children and staff for their lovely contributions.


Year 1’s Cracking Eggs-periment!

We have been learning about the strength of different materials in science. Do you think it’s possible to stand on two cartons of eggs without breaking a single egg? Amazingly, it is! Safa and Abby took on the challenge and managed to prove that eggs are stronger than we think!

We looked at lots of strong shapes that appear often in architecture like domes and triangles, and we worked in teams to make the strongest structures we could make…only using spaghetti and marshmallows! Well done, everyone!


Marble Maze Challenge

We made marble runs using cardboard, tape, tubes and cartons. We tried to make sure the marble went down as slowly as possible to win the challenge. We added lots of objects that created friction. We had border paper, and lids and tape to make bumps along the run.