Amazing Year 6 Show!

What an incredible performance we’ve just seen from our Year 6 children! The children have worked so hard, learning some very complex dance routines (and even creating their own!) while performing a range of songs that kept the audience entertained throughout. We’ve got some real stars of the future in this class! Well done, Year 6; you were amazing!

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Year 6 trip to Shylowen stables

Another group of us went to the stables. We met the horses, brushed them and then had turns to ride them. We were all trying a new challenge to help us to think about how we deal with challenges and new experiences.IMG_4159 IMG_4160 IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4163 IMG_4164 IMG_4165 IMG_4166 IMG_4167 IMG_4168 IMG_4169 IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4173

Shylowen stables

A group of children from year 6 went to Shylowen stables for a pony care and horse riding session.

We went to get a new experience and face a challenge to help us to get ready and feel confident about moving on to new things in secondary school.

We brushed the horses and learned some thing about them and then we had chance to ride two horses.

IMG_4118 IMG_4119 IMG_4120 IMG_4121 IMG_4122 IMG_4123 IMG_4124 IMG_4125 IMG_4126 IMG_4127 IMG_4128 IMG_4129 IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4139 We hugged Willis to thank him for our ride!

Ice Trap Shackletons

Today in year 6,we had a debate on our book called Ice Trap Shackletons incredible expedition.Our debate was if Shackleton would leave the island or stay. There were some really strong reasons to stay, but it was chosen he would leave the island. Can anyone explain why we decided this was the best option?

Circulatory System

We have been studying health and fitness in science recently and have looked at the circulatory system in great detail. Here is an example of a Keynote presentation we created to summarise our knowledge.

Water sports

Thursday saw Year 6 going on the short journey down to Liverpool Marina. We took 8 person boats and rowed all the way to the Albert Dock and back (and Mr Lowry got just a little wet!). We then had great fun on the inflatable obstacle course on the water. A fantastic day!

Chill Factore

Year 6 started their activity week off with a trip to Chill Factore in Manchester on Tuesday. They had a fabulous time putting on the boots and skis and trying out a new sport.

Science Poems KS2 Summer

Here are a few poems linking to your learning about the human body this term! Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.32 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.32 #2 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.34 Photo on 05-05-2017 at 10.35

We did it!!!!!

Today, during Eco Club, Mrs Lewis received the call from Eco Schools to say we had achieved our FIFTH GREEN FLAG! Everyone – staff, children and families – has worked so hard towards this and we have a lot to be proud of. We also have lots of exciting future plans! For now, look how delighted Eco Club are!

image image


Key Stage 2 Philharmonic Concert for Schools – A Music Revolution!

This morning, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to the Philharmonic Hall for a special “Concert for Schools”. In the concert, presenter Alasdair Malloy and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra taught us about revolutionary composers including Beethoven, Bach, The Beatles, John Adams, Stravinsky and John Cage. The amazing musicians also performed music from John Williams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was an exciting, educational, music-filled experience linked to the National Curriculum. We even had a chance to sing a specially written song as a massed choir accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra!