At the start and end of the school day, traffic flow and pedestrian activity around the school is particularly high. To alleviate this we encourage children to walk, cycle or car share to school if possible. Please click below to see the letter of advice.

Road safety letter


Please do not drive into the school car park or onto the grounds.  When collecting and dropping off, we ask that you park considerately, taking care not to cause obstructions and keeping an eye out for pedestrians.  Please ensure you do not block any of our resident’s paths as this is a criminal offence.

In addition, we request that you do not park by the school gates or the yellow zig-zag lines. This can cause disruption for classes or teams coming back or leaving school in the school mini buses during this period of peak activity.

Bicycle Rack

We have a bicycle rack to store cycles during school time – it is located in our secret garden. Please note; we are unable to accept any responsibility for cycles left on the rack.  Please store your bikes or scooters carefully and upright to ensure others can access this facility as well.

Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Drop off and collections are made directly outside the Foundation stage building.

Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2)

Drop off and collection are made at the Year 1 and 2 green door. Please stand back from the doorway so staff can see which parents are there and to allow children to safely exit the building. There is a shelter available if it is raining.

Key Stage 2 (year 3 – 6)

Drop off – all children in Key Stage 2 will enter school via the link corridor doors. There will always be a member of staff on these doors should you need to pass a message onto the class teacher.

Year 3 pick up – year 3 children will be picked up at the green door by their classroom.

Year 4 pick up – year 4 children will be picked up at the green door by their classroom.

Year 5 and year 6 pick up – Year 5 and Year 6 children will be brought to the link corridor and will leave school via these exits.

Late Drop Off

Any children arriving late will come through the main office – please ensure you or your child make office staff aware of their arrival.

Thank you for your cooperation at these busy times during the school day.