St. Pat’s Got Talent 2018

We finished the term in style today with a beautiful church service for Holy Week, a lovely attendance assembly and, to top it all off, our annual St. Pat’s Got Talent spectacular! Children in each class from Nursery to Year 6 have been auditioning in their classes and practising hard to make through to the finals. The standard was so high again; the talent in this school is truly incredible! We had singing, dancing, piano playing, comedy and even magic!

In the end, Thomas and Alfie from Year 1, and Viyan from Year 6 were this year’s St. Pat’s Got Talent winners with their superb performances, but all the performers were outstanding. It was great to see so many parents there to support the children too, as always.

Well done, everyone and have a lovely Easter. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the photos and videos below!

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Reception: Reception Performance

Thomas and Alfie (Year 1) Year 1 Singing

Anthony, Kamal, Ismail and Byron (Year 1) Year 1 Dance

Abbas, Dahir and Muiz (Year 2) Year 2 Group

Charlie (Year 2) Year 2 Singing

Amber and Amanda (Year 3) Year 3 Singing

Joseph, Tyler and John (Year 3) Year 3 Magic

Giddeon and Adam (Year 4) Year 4 Comedy

Lillianna and Maysie (Year 4) Year 4 Dance

Year 5 rock band (Year 5) Year 5 Rock

Kerin and Daisy (Year 5) Year 5 Dance

Viyan (Year 6) Year 6 Piano

21 Pilots (Year 6) Year 6 Rap

Kieran and Hawi (Year 6) Year 6 Singing




9 responses to “St. Pat’s Got Talent 2018”

  1. Basant says:

    Really Impressive, the children are looking happy and confident.

  2. Kamal’s Dad says:

    This was a great talent show and the kids where all amazing ??????

  3. Miss Edwards says:

    What an amazing day! I am so proud of all the children – so talented and confident. ???

  4. Ruaa and RAshed says:

    WOW ? it is amazing ? work. Well done every one
    Really we are missing so much??

    Good luck for St Patrick school


  5. All of Year one says:

    Hi Ruaa and Rashed,
    Thank you for commenting on our school blog. It is great that you are still checking up on us. We really really miss you and wish you could come back!
    We hope you are ok and having a great time.
    lots of love
    All your year 1 friends

  6. Millie says:

    I liked Alfie and Thomas singing on stage.

  7. Phoebe Rowley says:

    I miss being in st Pat’s it was the best primary ever and well done everyone who had the courage to do such things and be proud love phoebe (from year three when I used to go ??)

  8. jonesh says:

    Oh Phoebe we miss you very much too! You were an absolute pleasure to have in our school. Take care Mrs Jones

  9. lisa says:

    i loved when we don the tedy bears picnic it was fantastic

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