English – General

Bug Club Woodlands Juniors


English – Reading and Comprehension

BBC Bitesize BBC Skillswise BBC Bitesize Poetry
Woodland Juniors


English – Writing

BBC Bitesize BBC Skillswise
Woodlands – Stories
Woodlands – Instruction Woodlands – Poetry
BBC – Poetry
Learner – Stories


English – Spelling and Grammar

BBC Skillswise Teaching Ideas Punctuation


Maths – Number

Crickweb – Ordering Crickweb – Division Woodlands Junior
Abc Teach Number Gym


Maths – Shape and Measures

Crickweb Woodlands Junior BBC Bitesize


Maths – Money

Crickweb Woodlands Junior Abc Teach


Maths – Time

Woodlands Junior Abc Teach


Maths – Timestables

Mad 4 Maths Topmarks Crickweb
Abc Teach



BBC Primary Spanish BBC Spanish Topics 


Science – Energy and Sound

BBC Children’s University BBC Bitesize Light
BBC Bitesize Sound Kids Konnect


Science – chemical changes

Chemical reactions and cooling Reversible and irreversible History of Concrete Science and Romans
Hyrdogel-Marbles Green Fire Tornado  Chemical reactions explained Science Quizzes
Simple chemical reactions  Electroplating Explained Zinc-a-penny Copper plating
Copper Facts Science of chocolate Chocolate Concoctions Chemical reactions for kids
Soda Snake Exothermic & endothermic explained Exothermic & endothermic animation Sodium ethanoate hand warmer
Spherical Food Amazon spherical cooking kit


History – Stone Age to Iron Age

BBC The School Run – Stone Age The School Run – Iron Age


History – Invaders and Settlers – The Romans 

BBC Primary Homework Help The School Run


History – Ancient Egypt

BBC The School Run Woodlands


Geography – Countries of the World

Activity Village Fact Monster


Geography – Where does my food come from?

BBC Food a fact for Life


Geography – The Desert

The School Run BBC


D.T – Food technology

Jamie Oliver – Houmous Recipe BBC Food humous recipe Easy and smooth Houmous



Charanga Coxhoe Durham