General English

Letters and Sounds. BBC Bitesize Learning English
Crickweb BBC Phonics


English – Reading and Comprehension

BBC Bitesize BBC Learning Zone Pupil Reading


English – Writing

BBC Schools BBC Learning BBC Bitesize
BBC – Stories Reading zone – stories Primary Games – Stories
BBC – Poetry Josies Poems Giggle Poetry
Games Arena – Poetry Teach It – Captions Primary games – Labels / lists
Primary games – information texts Primary games – recounts


English – Spelling and Grammar

Education City      Letters and Sounds          ICT games


General Maths

BBC Bitesize Woodlands Junior BBC Numbertime
BBC Schools BBC Number jumbler Crickweb
A Maths Dictionary


Maths – Time

Woodlands Junior BBC Education Crickweb


Maths – shape and Space

Crickweb BBC Schools BBC Bitesize
Games Arena


Science – plants and trees

BBC Bitesize  What plants give us Bean Germination  Time lapse radishes
Chilli seed germination            Seed Germination Germination Fun Facts Plants game 1
Plants game 2 Sycamore Seed Potato Planting Plant Maze
Plants revision game Bees spread pollen Plant fact Plant part functions
Label the plant Trees The Tree song Types of plants
Amazon Water lily Leaf identification Leaf art Animated leaf story



BBC Schools 123 Teach Me



Charanga        Coxhoe Durham


History – Toys Past and Present

iboard         Crickweb


History – Intrepid Explorers

BBC Ducksters Youtube
Youtube Ducksters


History – Castles

Woodlands BBC


Geography – Where do I live?

Google Maps Google Earth


Geography – The World Around Me

Maps of the World


Geography – The Four Seasons

Easy Science Kids Geo Youtube