Below are some examples of activities which you can access from home in order to develop your music skills.

Mr Larkin and Mrs Lewis have been busy making some music videos that you can join in with at home!

Mylene Klass is running a class on youtube every Monday and Friday at 10am.

Body Beats are also running an online class on youtube each day at 11am. 

Durham Music Service have released their own Youtube channel and are releasing a new video each day.

Create your own musical instruments at home. Here are some ideas to get you started – Homemade instruments

 Here are some useful links for other music activities that can be tried at home:

Suitable for all

Sing Up Home-Schooling Resources

Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2

Charanga Yumu (Years 1-6 have logins to access the challenges set and resources provided in this music world.)

EYFS/Key Stage 1

BBC Bring the Noise

BBC Teach, Nursery Rhymes

EYFS/Key Stage 1 music at home

Key Stage 2

BBC Ten Pieces

BBC Bitesize, KS2 Music


Free Recommended Music Apps