Amazing Year 6 Show!

What an incredible performance we’ve just seen from our Year 6 children! The children have worked so hard, learning some very complex dance routines (and even creating their own!) while performing a range of songs that kept the audience entertained throughout. We’ve got some real stars of the future in this class! Well done, Year 6; you were amazing!

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7 Responses to “Amazing Year 6 Show!”

  1. Donna Fox says:

    Well done year 6 & good luck in your future schools x

  2. Mrs.Hughes says:

    Well done to all of year six; you are all amazing and so talented.
    Your performance was fantastic. Good luck to your all on your journey to your new senior school.

  3. Malak says:

    That was an amazing and fun performance.

  4. Malak says:

    It was really fun performing. Thank you teachers for all your hard work it was a really fun experience.

  5. Mrs Cooper says:

    Aaww these pics made me smile so much ! And I had a little teary eye also !! You all look amazing and look like you have grown up so much !!! Mrs Cooper is very proud Xxx
    ( I really wish I could have come to see you all before you leave but I am in a different school helping others now so it’s just not possible to get there , but I wish each and everyone one of you the best of luck in your new senior schools ! You will all shine I’m sure Xxx )

  6. Teresa perrie says:

    I thought the whole performance was fantastic. Well done to you all.
    Jasmine I’m so proud of you and you sang that song brilliantly. Thank you to all the staff who made this possible. X

  7. Lilly bear says:

    That was amazing I’ll miss u all jasmine moustly jassy good luck

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