Year 2’s moving dinosaur toys DT project

Year 2 have just finished their first DT topic of the year: making moving dinosaur toys! We designed our toys, thinking of materials we could use, and the size, shape and general appearance of our dinosaurs. We also knew we had to add axles and wheels, and string to pull it. As an added challenge, some of us even used electrical circuits with buzzers to make the dinosaurs ‘roar’!

Next, we made 3D models of our designs using Play Doh, producing some excellent written descriptions of our dinosaurs too. Finally, it was time to cut out and tape the cardboard boxes into dinosaur shapes, paint the cardboard and add the axles, wheels and string.

Thank you to all the families who provided cardboard boxes for us to use! Take a look at our finished moving dinosaur toys!

2 responses to “Year 2’s moving dinosaur toys DT project”

  1. Jenny Davies-Jones says:

    Year 2! I’m super impressed with the toys you have made! Who are they for? How do the wheels turn?

  2. Lily neary says:

    They all look like they have had an amazing time. Well done Year 2!

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