Year 2 become chefs!

Year 2 had a wonderful morning making margherita pizzas at Pizza Express in town. We had our very own aprons and chef hats and followed the instructions carefully to make the most delicious margherita pizzas. Every child got to make their own pizza and bring it back to school with them. We all had one slice before we left Pizza Express and one more when we got back into class. They were so tasty we wanted more! The children will be taking the rest of their pizzas home with them tonight for dinner. Take a look at our great photos from the session.

8 responses to “Year 2 become chefs!”

  1. Mrs S Jones says:

    Hey Year 2, how lucky are we to be able to go to a restaurant & make our own pizzas? They all looked so yummy & were such fun to make!
    You were a credit to St Patrick’s as usual! What a great morning!

  2. Rufaidah Ibraahim says:

    I liked what did it was good I wish I had a trip like that

  3. Ava says:

    I wish we could make pizza again.

  4. Fionnuala says:

    Fabulous pizzas! What a great opportunity year 2!

  5. Quintine says:

    I like my picture.

  6. Miss Edwards says:

    Wow year 2! What an amazing opportunity to go to a restaurant and make your own pizzas, I am very jealous😉. I hope one of you saved me a slice???? 🍕🍕🍕🍕

  7. Miss Shack says:

    Hi Abbas,
    I’m glad you loved the pizza, I did too! It was delicious! Thank you so much to everyone who’s commented so far, I’ve loved reading them and we’ll look at them in class tomorrow.
    Miss Edwards – we tried to but they were just too tasty so unfortunately not 😜

  8. Charlie says:

    Charlie loved going on a trip and was super excited about making pizza..we make pizza at our house sometimes too..xx

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