Year 1’s Healthy Drinks Investigation

Today, Year 1 began an experiment to find out what drinks are best and worst for our teeth. We discovered that eggs have calcium and enamel, just like our teeth. We are going to leave an egg shell in Coca Cola, water, orange juice and milk to see what happens to the egg shell. We carefully measured 200ml of each liquid to make it a fair test, and we will observe what happens over the next week!

*UPDATE* – One week later, here are the results! As many children had predicted, the eggs still looked very healthy, strong and a good colour after being left in the water and the milk; water has no sugar, and milk is good for our teeth and bones because it contains calcium. However, the eggs that had been soaking in the Coca Cola has turned black and were rotting away! Urgh! We were very surprised, though, that the eggs that had been soaking in the orange juice looked just as bad, if not worse than the eggs in the Coca Cola! Orange juice contains nearly the same amount of sugar as Coca Cola, and the eggs had decayed a lot (and had even turned a bit mouldy)! Imagine what drinking sugary drinks all the time would do to our teeth!


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