What an exciting day!

We can’t believe the day we have had today! When we arrived at school we discovered that the Big Bad Wolf had left huge paw-prints around the room and even outdoors in the garden! So of course we knew we had to write reports to the Fairy-tale Land police to let them know as quickly as we could. A few hours later, the phone rang and it was the Fairy-tale Land police asking us for more details! We told the police officers as clearly as we could about what we had discovered. Later on we used 2D shapes to begin to plan and design houses for the pigs, talking about the features of the shapes we chose. Thankfully, before we went home the Fairy-tale police officers called again to let us know that the wolf had been sighted in the Big Dark Forest in Fairy-tale Land and was no longer near Liverpool. Phew! The officers were VERY grateful for our help. Have a look at our exciting day in the pictures below!

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