We did it!!!!!

Today, during Eco Club, Mrs Lewis received the call from Eco Schools to say we had achieved our FIFTH GREEN FLAG! Everyone – staff, children and families – has worked so hard towards this and we have a lot to be proud of. We also have lots of exciting future plans! For now, look how delighted Eco Club are!

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13 responses to “We did it!!!!!”

  1. Mrs Davies says:

    I am so happy! Well done everyone! Such super news!

  2. Ruaa says:

    “yes ,we did it” and I am SOOOOOOO PROUD for the school .



  3. Mrs Farrington says:

    WELL DONE !!!

  4. Lexie-Jo's mum says:

    lexie came home from school on Friday so happy that St Patrick’s had got another green flag, well done everyone 🙂

  5. Mrs H Jones says:

    Wonderful news! I am so proud of our whole school community. Our school is a beautiful oasis. I am so excited to see how our science garden develops

    • Aidan, Jacob and Tom, Year 3 @St. Julies says:

      Congratulations!!! You got another green flag. We’re so happy for you. Can you collect more flags? When did you get your first green flag? What are your exciting plans for the future?

  6. Jacqson says:

    I am so happy.

  7. Maisie says:

    I was very excited:D

  8. Tyler says:

    I was really amazed

  9. Joseph and Lucas R Year 3 @St.Julies says:

    Well done we are so happy for you all and we want to know how you did get that flag? How many flags are there we would like to know?

  10. Jack and Harry P Year 3 @St.Julies says:

    Well done to everyone at St Patricks for achieving their fifth green flag, what did you find out? Was it fun?

  11. Zuzanna says:

    Well done for the flag to win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRAVO!

  12. Hasti says:

    I liked it when we got the green flag because everyone got crazy. 🙂

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