Science and PE Week in Year 5

We have had a fabulous science and PE week. We have done lots of things.

On Tuesday, we did an exercise class with the coaches from Pure Gym. It was exhausting but so much fun at the same time. We then had our UK Military Schools in the afternoon and we did a speed test to check our fitness.

On Wednesday, we did a whole school workout with Mr Lowry and Mr Hignett and all the other teachers and staff. We could feel all of our achy muscles (DOMS) from the day before.

On Thursday we had our usual PE lesson with Mr Hignett and in the afternoon we did science. We look at the bones in our bodies and created our very own skeletons.

Today, we have done Yoga with Mrs Routledge and PE with Miss Waters. We practiced our basket ball skills and passing games.

Such a fun week!

by Kara and Viyan

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