Santa’s Year 1 Science Challenge!

Year 1 were so excited today because a very special visitor dropped by…SANTA CLAUS! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw him in our Year 1 garden! He had to fly away in his sleigh (he is obviously very busy at this time of year), but he had left us a letter and some big boxes of materials and musical instruments. In the letter, Santa said that he needed Year 1’s help because they are so good at science. Santa was worried that his sleigh bells would wake people up when he was delivering presents, so he asked us to find out which materials were the most effective at muffling the sound of the bells; that way, it will be a magical surprise on Christmas morning when Santa has been!

We tested newspaper, cardboard boxes, fabrics, bubble wrap, coats and cotton wool, and most children decided that cotton wool and bubble wrap were the best at dampening the sound! Thanks very much to our Year 6 science elves too! Good luck, Santa!

IMG_1914 IMG_1935

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