Mystery giant footprint!

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What a week we have had in Nursery and Reception! On Monday we found a GIANT footprint in our sandpit! We wondered whether it could have been made by a lion, tiger, bear, Gruffalo or dinosaur… So we began to investigate.

First we wrote questions together about what we wanted to find out. Then we wrote observations and news reports about what we had seen, and kept watch. Next we measured the footprint, and drew a footprint on paper exactly the same size. We also had fun mixing paint and making footprints of our own!

In our research we found out from the internet that it couldn’t have been made by a leopard or tiger as it was too big. But then we found out that some dinosaurs had four toes, just like the footprint… We will have to find out more about dinosaurs…!


5 responses to “Mystery giant footprint!”

  1. Rashed says:

    It was SOO COOL .


  2. Mrs Davies says:

    I have heard Rashed has done some fantastic research at home! What did you learn?

  3. Mrs Potts says:

    At home Byron learnt that Pterodactyls can fly, Ellie Mae learnt that some dinosaurs had big horns, and Rashed learnt that different types of dinosaurs had different numbers of claws! We are carrying out research to find out answers to lots of questions!

  4. jewan says:

    dun dun dun!!! Did you find out who it was because you were fantastic this morning

  5. Mrs Davies says:

    Foundation Stage, all of this observing and measuring! How impressive! Have you found out who made this footprint yet?

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