Learning about our skin!

Our skin is amazing! Today, we learned that our skin is our largest organ and it is very important. First, we played some parachute games to help us think about how our skin is stretchy.

Then we created some tableaux to show what else our skin can do.

Our skin is stretchy!

It keeps us cool and allows us to sweat.

It also stops us from getting too hot.

Our skin also helps us to sense things when we touch them.

Our skin even protects us from bacteria!


3 responses to “Learning about our skin!”

  1. Mrs Davies says:

    Hehehehe! I love these photos Year 1! A great idea!

  2. Donna Fox says:

    some great facts about our skin Yr1 & it looks like you had lots of fun while investigating too!
    keep up the good work 😉

  3. kitty says:

    I loved playing with the parachute, the ball went so high and hit the light!

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