Fairy-Tale land news updates…

The Big Bad Wolf is still on the loose in Fairy-Tale Land and has now blown down the stick house, and been seen near the brick house! We have been developing an in-class newsroom to keep up with events, interviewing characters and reading and writing news reports. We have also been writing and talking about our own news. To help the three pigs,we have been thinking a lot about shapes used to build houses. We have enjoyed using Kapla blocks to make designs with 2D shapes and will be building with 3D shapes next week. We have also started to investigate the different materials we can use for building so we can advise the pigs about their choices. The Fairy-Tale Land police have been on the phone again, and we have been helping with their enquiries. Phew! What a busy week! Thank goodness we can apply our Maths, English and Science skills to help the people who need us!

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