Egg Shell Investigation

Last week Year 2 started to investigate what might happen to egg shells in different types of liquids including apple juice, milk, coca cola, orange juice and water. We found out how much sugar was in each liquid (per 100ml) and made predictions about what might happen to the egg shells in each of these liquids after seven days.

We have taken photographs and have kept the eggs in class so we can observe the developments as they happen. They haven’t started to smell yet which is a great relief!


2 responses to “Egg Shell Investigation”

  1. Mrs S Jones says:

    My prediction is that the Coca Cola will break down the egg shell. What are some of your predictions Year 2?
    I’m so glad they’re not smelling!!

  2. Fionnuala says:

    Looks interesting year 2 . Looking forward to seeing the outcome and results .

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