Bark and Read 7.6.17

Today Anthony brought Lisa the Lurcher to come and meet us. Lisa is about 3 years old and Alexie said her coat was the same colours and pattern as the painted dogs at Chester Zoo!

Lisa was a very chilled dog indeed! She was friendly and very relaxed. She seemed to find our reading very calming because she lay back listening to us, and she nearly fell asleep.

4 responses to “Bark and Read 7.6.17”

  1. Mrs S Jones says:

    Aww sorry I missed seeing Lisa! I have a brindle lurcher called Tilly. Hope she finds a home soon!

  2. kieran says:

    sad i weren’t there : (

  3. jibril says:

    That dog looks really cute everyone I will try to do that when I get a pet.

  4. jibril says:

    Hello everyone its me again ,what is the dogs name.

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