Barcelona Day 2

We have had the best day ever today in Port Aventura! We went on so many different rides (including lots of water rides that absolutely soaked us!), saw a spectacular Wild West show, took part in some Polynesian dancing and still had time for a play on the beach before bed! Jessica, Cameron, Kieran and Sarah even conquered the Shambala – the highest roller coaster in Europe! Take a look at some of our pictures from today.

As Josh said, “Today couldn’t be better or wetter!”

Tomorrow, we are going sightseeing around Barcelona. What a great week!


8 responses to “Barcelona Day 2”

  1. says:

    Fantastic photos. I especially loved all your dance moves.
    Continue to have a good time Sean. We love you and miss you. (including Ivy). X

  2. Looks like yous are haveing an amazing time !! So much fun and yous have seem to of done a lot already keep the lovely pictures coming and hope that yous all have so much more fun . Tell my Olivia I’m missing here but would love to see more smiles on her beautiful face .xx

  3. Millie yr 6 says:

    Hi everyone looks like you guys have had tons of fun I wish I was there liv i miss you and in the house its not the same with out you kenzy i miss your jokes too

    • Emma says:

      Hi Kieran looks like you had a great day loving your dance moves. Tara has arrived so looking after her. Don’t forget to buy Joan a little gift. Love you have fun

  4. All of Year one says:

    Good Morning everyone,
    Looks like you are all having too much fun. Do you have any pictures of the Shambala we can see?
    Lots of love
    Year 1

  5. paula omar says:

    wow.. looks like you all are having so much fun .. im missing you so much ezrah the house is so quiet without you … love seeing all the exciting things you have been doing . you are all so lucky wish I was there.. hope you all had a great time dancing on the beach . ezrah remember the moves to show me when your home .. love you ez . have fun and keep smiling xx

  6. lily lalley says:

    its looks amazing I hope you loved all the rides I just wanna know how hot was it there ? sean we miss you and because your not in Liverpool I just want to say ivy loves your pillow and weed on it cant wait for more pictures

  7. Mrs S Jones says:

    Wow! The Shambala!! You’re so much braver than me Cameron! I’m so impressed with your Polynesian dance moves! Haha You can teach us them when you get home! Love you
    Nan xx

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