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Here is our learner profile for what a Year 3 child will be able to do by the end of the year.

Year 3 Learner Profile

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Tectonic Plates




Today we looked in more detail at the structure of the Earth. We used biscuits to learn about how tectonic plates interact with each other and the results of the different collisions. Next we made models of the Earth.

Finally, we checked out some beautiful metamorphic rocks. Can you remember why they change when they are deep under ground?


Paul Cezanne-inspired still life drawings

A lovely afternoon creating our own still life compositions, following our learning about Paul Cezanne. The children used different grades of pencils to create lighter areas and shadows. As the pencils were water soluble, (nice science link there!) some of us used damp paintbrushes to blend our shading better.



Mapping for England Day


Awesome mapping skills shown by Year 3 this morning. We started off looking at aerial maps of England, before the children learned how to find towns and cities using coordinates. Super work!


Testing flavour combinations

Great lesson today using different ingredients to trial flavour combinations, practising using knives safely and learning the names of different ingredients from around the world.


Investigating dissolving


Super to see the children putting into practise their maths learning and science skills! They have been measuring liquids, solids and time! To complete this investigation, the children needed to weigh out different quantities of salt, measure out 50ml of water using a measuring cyclinder and time how long the salt took to dissolve in seconds! Great practical skills!




Evaluating healthy houmous


Great to see lots of children smelling, tasting and evaluating different healthy dips this week. Smoked houmous was a firm least favourite! Although, some of us liked the fact that it tasted like hot dogs! Our overall favourite seemed to be the Moroccan, which was spicy and lemony! Delicious.




Iranian Turnip Soup

To kick off our new English book, ‘Pea Boy and other stories from Iran’, we followed a traditional recipe for Iranian Turnip Soup.The children had to slice, dice, mince and measure before cooking their delicious soup. We just loved it! A great insight into Iranian culture.

I was delighted to see EVERY child in class taste the soup; it’s so important to try healthy foods.

After, wrote our own recipe cards, so we can make the meal with our families!


Christmas music extravaganza!

This morning, we finished the term off in style with a spectacular music assembly! Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 performed, all playing instruments and singing, and some even performing their own compositions!

Year 5 started us off with a rock classic; Livin’ On a  Prayer by Bon Jovi! The children played their own compositions on the keyboards, flutes, clarinets and glockenspiels, playing 3 separate parts. We also had fantastic rock drumming from Sarah and Conner! What a great way to start the show!


Then Year 1 showed us their hip-hop skills, rapping a modified version of the Grandma Rap (we changed it to the Santa Rap!), including their very own Christmas-themed rhythmic phrases led by Anthony, Nouf, Aye and Kitty!



Year 2 and Year 3 performed together, Year 2 on the glockenspiels and Year 3 on the recorders. They sang and played This Little Light of Mine…and it was amazing!


Year 4 have started to learn the clarinets this term with Mrs Holland, and they already sound great, performing 2 pieces for us as a class. Well done!



The Year 5 flutes group performed next. This sounded lovely!


After that, it was the Year 6 flutes group’s turn, playing Away in a Manger beautifully!


Next, the Year 6 clarinets group played Silent Night. We all felt very Christmassy by this point!


The school choir performed after that, singing a song by Mr Larkin called This Christmastime, with solo singers (the incredible Erin, Lily, Jessie and Lily) and singing in 3 parts. It was fabulous!



Finally, Year 6 closed the show with an absolutely wonderful performance of I’ll Be There. We had a harmony section, solos from Erin, Lily, Viyan, Millie, Alexie, Ciennah, Kenzy, Jewan, Julio, Lily-Rae, Abby (not to mention Bader, Luke, Kieran and Brendan at the end), and children performing their compositions in 3 parts on the keyboards, glockenspiels, clarinets and flutes! It was a superb end to the assembly!




Using data loggers

Today in science, we have been trying to find out what happens to a bulb’s brightness when we add longer wires to a circuit.  We used data loggers to find out how many lux the bulb emitted each time we added another wire to the circuit. What did you notice boys and girls?


Finishing our frames

The children have been busy cutting and glueing, shaping and joining their frames together. Today, we started to this about how to finish the design.  The children are using layers of metallic paint, applied carefully to give a sleek finish. Here they are a few photos of the progress!