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Science parent learning trip

Here at St Patrick’s, we are mad about raising our children’s science capital and one way we do this is through involving parents with their children’s learning.

Today, we visited the Catalyst Museum for a geology workshop and a science trail. It was so good to see you learning together and doing science as a family. Thank you to all the parents who were so supportive and engaged.



Barcelona Day 4

It’s been another fantastic day in Catalonia! First, we went to the Simon Coll Chocolate Factory and learned about the history of chocolate and the science of how it is made. We learned about the differences between dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, and we even got to TASTE the difference by letting the chocolates melt on our tongue to better appreciate all the flavour!

After a quick visit to the gift shop, we then drove to the Freixenet factory where we learned all about how sparkling wine is made – so much science again! At the end of the tour, we were even allowed to try some ‘mosto’, or grape juice, made from the grapes of the local vineyards.

Finally, we had a beautiful trip to Montserrat. We walked up to see the famous statue of the Black Madonna in the basilica, and lit a candle for all the people in our thoughts. The children were so respectful and calm throughout; they were such a credit to our school…so much so that they deserved another ice cream!

We are coming home tomorrow after a wonderful week. Keep up to date with Twitter for updates tomorrow, and thanks for all your comments so far! ¡Hasta mañana!

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Blubber fun!

Have you ever wondered how animals can live in really cold places all the time? Animals such as seals, whales, and walruses can do it because their bodies are covered in blubber (except for their fins, flippers, and flukes). This stops them from getting too cold in icy waters! We made a ‘blubber glove’ using lard and 2 plastic bags…and it worked! Our hands were really cold in the icy water at first, but the blubber glove kept our hands warm!



In spite of the weather we had a lovely Eco club session today! We trimmed bulbs, so they will dry out more quickly, made plant pots from old newspapers and planted beans and peas. We even used some charcoal from one of our own campfires to draw wonderful pictures. Eloho named the charcoal “Nature’s crayons!”


The Three Little Pigs and lots of friends!

This morning lots of our families and friends came to join us to celebrate how we have been learning through the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. We enjoyed showing them how we do character interviews and write news reports in our Newsroom, designed and built houses and dens with a variety of materials, and created our own game called “Chimneys and ladders”. This helped us to act as the story characters and to practice our maths skills! We will be having more fun at 2 o’clock!



More Eco fun in the sunshine!

Yet another lovely Eco Club session today! We made the most of our beautiful school grounds: being creative with environmental art, adding compost to help our potatoes grow, blowing bubbles, and even planting a horse chestnut tree which has been grown in school from a conker! We wonder how big it will grow…


Year 1 trip to Formby National Trust Park

Year 1 have had an amazing day today at Formby National Trust Red Squirrel Park. We had a lovely long walk along the beach and through the woods, looking for different animals and their habitats. We saw lots of creatures on our nature walk, and we even saw a rare red squirrel eating its lunch! We stopped for a quick lunch break and then decided to make some fantastic environmental art structures and and see how many different kinds of leaves we could identify on our trail! It was such a fun day and we learned so much about different woodland creatures and their habitats. Well done, Year 1!



Learning about our skin!

Our skin is amazing! Today, we learned that our skin is our largest organ and it is very important. First, we played some parachute games to help us think about how our skin is stretchy.

Then we created some tableaux to show what else our skin can do.

Our skin is stretchy!

It keeps us cool and allows us to sweat.

It also stops us from getting too hot.

Our skin also helps us to sense things when we touch them.

Our skin even protects us from bacteria!



Year 2’s Worm Farm

Year 2 made a worm farm during our Science lesson this week, we found earthworms in the garden and carefully placed them in their new home. We can’t wait to see what they get up to. Please take a look at our great photos from the lesson.



Fairy-Tale land news updates…

The Big Bad Wolf is still on the loose in Fairy-Tale Land and has now blown down the stick house, and been seen near the brick house! We have been developing an in-class newsroom to keep up with events, interviewing characters and reading and writing news reports. We have also been writing and talking about our own news. To help the three pigs,we have been thinking a lot about shapes used to build houses. We have enjoyed using Kapla blocks to make designs with 2D shapes and will be building with 3D shapes next week. We have also started to investigate the different materials we can use for building so we can advise the pigs about their choices. The Fairy-Tale Land police have been on the phone again, and we have been helping with their enquiries. Phew! What a busy week! Thank goodness we can apply our Maths, English and Science skills to help the people who need us!