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Year 1’s Healthy Drinks Investigation

Today, Year 1 began an experiment to find out what drinks are best and worst for our teeth. We discovered that eggs have calcium and enamel, just like our teeth. We are going to leave an egg shell in Coca Cola, water, orange juice and milk to see what happens to the egg shell. We carefully measured 200ml of each liquid to make it a fair test, and we will observe what happens over the next week!

*UPDATE* – One week later, here are the results! As many children had predicted, the eggs still looked very healthy, strong and a good colour after being left in the water and the milk; water has no sugar, and milk is good for our teeth and bones because it contains calcium. However, the eggs that had been soaking in the Coca Cola has turned black and were rotting away! Urgh! We were very surprised, though, that the eggs that had been soaking in the orange juice looked just as bad, if not worse than the eggs in the Coca Cola! Orange juice contains nearly the same amount of sugar as Coca Cola, and the eggs had decayed a lot (and had even turned a bit mouldy)! Imagine what drinking sugary drinks all the time would do to our teeth!



Our snowy day!

We have been having a lovely time in our winter wonderland today!

We discovered that our magical ice art has finally frozen, and loved looking at it and through it! We have also made a small but perfecty formed snowman named “Frosty”, who has a pencil for a nose. We have enjoyed hot chocolate, made ice houses for polar bears and dug for worms. We have also talked and talked about everything that we see and feel happening, and our descriptive language and language about feelings is coming on in giant snowy steps.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Watch this space for THE BIG BATTERY HUNT!

Eco Club will be introducing our school’s involvement in the national BIG BATTERY HUNT in assembly on Monday. Watch this space!!!!!


Daring designers!

Throughout this week, children in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed working as a team to build fantastic ramps and channels to roll balls down outdoors. This has helped us to explore and investigate gravity and even to think about the materials we use for construction to withstand the weather!


Fabulous Fossils!

Year 2 have been learning about fossils this week in Science. We made our very own fossils and took them home to keep, they were amazing! We love fossils and finding out about how they are made was so interesting – lots of Year 2 are now eager to become paleontologists when they grow up!


Paul Cezanne-inspired still life drawings

A lovely afternoon creating our own still life compositions, following our learning about Paul Cezanne. The children used different grades of pencils to create lighter areas and shadows. As the pencils were water soluble, (nice science link there!) some of us used damp paintbrushes to blend our shading better.



Hot rocks and fossils


Good to see science club exploring different types of rocks this afternoon. They used hot rocks and melting wax to write their names. Also, it was a great exploration of Jurassic fossils and the imprints they made.


Spring isn’t far away!

Eco club enjoyed getting outdoors today! We planted daffodil bulbs in the polytunnel, looked for signs of spring in the gardens and practiced our battery recycling song!


What a wonderful week!

We have loved every single day of International Week!

On Monday it was Arabic day, and we explored henna hand painting, having our own hands painted, and drawing round and cutting out hand shapes to decorate ourselves. We also tasted some lovely Arabic food.

Tuesday was Hispanic Day, and we learnt about Spanish names for fruits and vegetables, and had great fun Spanish dancing.

Wednesday was Chinese Day. We learnt about the story and traditions of Chinese New Year, and explored paper folding with a visiting artist.

On Thursday it was African day. We found out about and played with African animals, loved taking part in an African dance workshop and enjoyed delicious African food.

Today is English day! We have been making sandwiches and reading the story of St George and the dragon! We have also been visited by some teacher trainees from Hope University who helped us with some exciting science investigations.

Thanks to all our families and visitors who have helped us to learn so much and have great fun this week!

We can’t wait to be back in school after half term!



Yummy NSPCC Number Day!

We have had a lovely time at our own smoothie cafe today, making healthy smoothies with our families and friends. At the same time we have been practicing our maths skills by counting and weighing pieces of fruit, and making hopscotch, stepping stones, and a 3D smoothie cafe outdoors! The best thing is, all this is to support and raise money for the NSPCC on NSPCC Number Day. Hooray!



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