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Year 2’s last trip to Yellow Sub and Otterspool Adventure Centre!

We had a great day today on our last trip in Year 2. We went to the Yellow Sub indoor play centre in the morning and then travelled to Otterspool Adventure centre in the afternoon. We had an amazing time with lots of fun, laughter and ice cream! Take a look at our fabulous photos from the day.



Our visit to the Merseyside Maritime Museum…

Year 2 had a wonderful trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum last week. We made beautiful, brightly coloured African masks and created rhythmic patterns using traditional African drums. Take a look at our great photos from the day.



Year 6’s Amazing Summer Production

Our Year 6 children have just put on a spectacular show for parents and pupils, featuring singing, dancing…and several outfit changes! The pupils have been working so hard with Mrs. Stocks over the past few weeks to put this show together, and their hard work definitely paid off! We started off with a great rendition of Walking on Sunshine, before we spectacular dance routines for This is Me and Timber. We were then treated to a boys v girls mash-up of Men in Black and Independent Women, before Year 6 closed the show with an emotional performance of I’ll Be There. After the show, Mrs. Stocks and Mrs. Lewis hosted the “Year 6 Oscars” with each member of the class receiving a personalised award. Finally, it was time for the party to wrap up a fantastic evening!

Well done, Year 6 – we are all so proud of the amazing performers and people you have become during your time in St. Patrick’s!


Investigating Life Cycles

This morning in science we were learning about the life cycles of different animals: mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and reptiles. Seriously good discussion, questions and use of prior knowledge from all children. Thrilled with the vocabulary the children were using, ‘evolution’, ‘genes’, ‘egg’, and ‘develop’ to name a few, and the quality of their explanations.

We popped up to the science garden to have a look in our solitary bee hive, where we have a few bee larvae developing. It was great to look through the viewing window and see how the bee has made her individual chambers for each egg. While we were up by the pond, it would have been rude not to check out our developing frogs during this lesson, so we spent some time watching our little friends!

We also remembered it had been exactly a week since we filled up the pond. We needed to do this as so much water had evaporated, leaving the concentration of potentially harmful chemicals higher than normal. The weather has continued to be warm, so we took a ruler with us and measured how much water had evaporated in just 7 days – a whopping 3.5cm!

Back in class, the children drew examples of the life cycles of a range of animals, with great accuracy! So proud of these boys and girls, they are incredible scientists.


Year 2’s Trip to the Art Gallery

Year 2 visited the Walker Art Gallery today and took part in the ‘Big Art for Little Artists’ workshop. We had a great time producing lots of artwork and exploring the role play areas. Take a look at some of our wonderful photos from the morning.



Key Stage 1 Sports Day

We’ve had a wonderful afternoon taking part in our Key Stage 1 Sports Day! It was great to see so many families coming to support the children…and even take part in a race themselves! Thank you for all your support. Take a look at some of the photos taken by Alex (Year 5) and Jerome (Year 6).


Pond Dipping in Year 1

We are so lucky to have our own pond on our school grounds as part of our science garden! Year 1 have been learning about habitats in science this term, and today we wanted to see what creatures might be living in our pond. We used an identification sheet and magnifying glasses to help us to tick off creatures that we found, including pond snails, tadpoles and even frogs! Year 1 were very careful to return all the animals to their habitat safely after we had taken a look. Great work, Year 1! We love science!


Year 2’s trip to Formby Beach

Year 2 had a great time at Formby Beach last week, we enjoyed splashing and playing in the rock pools and made lots of sand castles. Afterwards, we went for a woodland walk to explore habitats and look at different types of trees. We also had our lunch sitting on logs in the forest, it was so much fun! Take a look at our amazing photographs from the day and please leave a comment for us to read.



Y1 loved Maths Party day

Year 1 have had a great day. We have taken part in lots of different activities as part of #mathspartyday2018

The children had to work as a team to complete challenges including adding up points for getting balls in the hoops and a very intense buzzer round of Who wants to be a maths millionaire!

Wll done to the Owl table who won with a fantastic 9 point! Enjoy your treat on Monday!!



Incredible Ice Creams and Marvellous Maths!

Reception enjoyed a wonderful “Maths Party” morning today! We have been learning about coins and prices, and have made our own ice cream shop role play area this week, so today we were delighted to experience the real thing! We sorted coins, took on the roles of shopkeepers and cashiers, and served and paid for real ice creams. We even kept a tally chart of how many children chose to have sprinkles! What a yummy way to learn!