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St. Patrick’s Day Suncatchers

Foundation have had great fun making suncatchers for St Patrick’s Day. Have a look at our pictures!



Brilliant beans beneath the surface!

Our current RE topic, leading up to Easter, is “Growing”. We planted beans in a plastic bottle so that we could see them grow and change and have been amazed to see the roots develop beneath the soil. Now the shoots are shooting up! We will measure them and plant them outdoors before the Easter holidays and wonder how big they will have grown by the time we come back!

Looking at the roots in the soil, which we would not usually see below the ground, has helped us to think about our exciting whole school book “The street beneath my feet”. We are going to write poems about the amazing things that may be found underground!


Maths in the sun!

We had a lovely time today in the sunshine playing a maths target game. We aimed beanbags at a number target, and wrote down the numbers our beanbags landed on. We love developing our skills outdoors!


African art in the style of Martin Bulinya

This half term, Year 2 have been learning about Martin Bulinya. He is a very prolific Kenyan artist whose work shows caricatures of the Maasai people in a variety of stances and formations. He has a simple style, but he produces truly fun and interesting African art! Many of the paintings have very complex detailing into the material worn. His characters take dramatic poses, giving each one an effective emotion – you can almost hear some of the characters talking to each other! Take a look at some of Year 2’s creations using pencils, pastels and paints!

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St. Patrick’s Day!

We had a fantastic day of music, dance, art and drama with Melody Makers today for our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! We learned about the different instruments in a ceili band and even learned some ceili dances. We even had an excellent performance from our Violin Club. They sounded incredible, especially as some of the children had only had a handful of lessons! They have made so much progress in such a short time and we are very proud of them! Take a look at the videos below.






Some classes made some wonderful Celtic art, and others used drama to recreate the story of St. Patrick. It was a great day, rounded off with a beautiful service in St. Patrick’s church. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!


Bark and Read 14.3.18

Today we read to Cookie. Cookie is only 4 months old and look like a black cloud! She is a Hungarian Puli and when she is older her long curly fur will grow into cords similar to dreadlocks.

She was very excited to see us all and liked having us to play with and make a fuss of her. She enjoyed our reading and liked getting stroked.



Stonehenge Shenanigans

We had such a wonderful afternoon learning about the Neolithic era and the building of Stonehenge. The children learned about the advent of agriculture, before finding out about this incredible monument and why it may have been built.

The children loved doing a fact hunt before building their own miniature Stonehenges using playdoh. They had to use different colours for the HUGE Sarson stones and the beautiful blue stones.




Drawing Keys in Science Club


The boys and and girls in science club looked at different insects today and made keys to find out their names! We had so much fun…but I did find a scorpion in my hair!


Investigating soils

Today, we investigated different soils to try and work out what they were made of and if they were all the same. Some of us thought it came from the garden centre, others thought it was made from sand. By the end of the lessons, are findings told us that soils are all different and are made from lots of different parts…. we found decaying plants, rocks, sand and even a bone! Finally, we tested the pH of the different soils and found that some soils are more acid, while others are more alkali.


Bark and Read 28.2.18

Fab the dog came to visit for Bark and Read. We think the pictures show what a lovely, realising reading time we all had!