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Shylowen Stables

Week 2 at Shylowen stables: we groomed our horses and found out more about how to understand how they feel and how they communicate. This week we learnt how to lead the horses on ropes and took them outside to practice. We really enjoyed ourselves!


Shylowen Stables Week 1

Week 1 at Shylowen stables we met our horses, found out how to groom them, and learnt the first steps of how to lead them on a rope. We also started to learn how they communicate, so we can work out what they are telling us!


Marvellous mapping

Boys and girls, you’re making so much progress with your mapping skills this year! The children in Year 3 have planned out 3 routes so far and learned over 15 of their OS Map symbols. I’m super impressed!


Making mummies

We’ve had a fabulous afternoon making mummies!

1. Remove the organs.

2. Rub natron salt into the skin.

3. Wash the body and cover in oils.

4 Wrap in cloth and place in sarcophagus.

5. Put on the death mask!

First, we mummified Ishra, then we made our own mini mummies!

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Parallel circuits in Year 3

Can a 7 year old build a working parallel circuit? These ones can!


Electrical conductors and insulators

Year 3 have been testing materials to find out if they are electrical conductors or electrical insulators.  They investigated their materials first and tried to make predictions based on what they already knew.


Photo Frame Project – DT

Our DT project has been great so far! The children have investigated and analysed a range of photo frames. They looked at the designs and what technology had been used to make the stable and strong.

Year 3 have started investigating ways to make materials stronger.  They began by folding, laminating, twisting and layering paper, then tearing it to see which method made the paper strongest.  What did you discover Year 3?


History trip to the Museum of Liverpool

Today, Year 1 visited the Museum of Liverpool for a special workshop about what toys used to be like in the past. In our history topic, we have been learning all about old and new toys, and today we were able to investigate which toys were older or newer and place them on a timeline. We looked for clues such as the material the toy was made from, its design features and the condition it was in to help us. We even got to play with lots of old-fashioned toys and we realised that old toys are really fun, even though they are different from some of our modern toys that we’re used to playing with!


Static electricity

We’ve had so much fun learning about and playing with static electricity. It’s all about positive and negative charge, and children were able to make toys by transferring electrons from one item to another. Take a look at us playing with the Van De Graf generator and check out this awesome video!


Shylowen Stables Week 3

This week we learnt something new.

We trained the horses to walk forward and backward.

We led Thunder through obstacles and turned her, made her stop and led her forward.

We had different jobs to do and we took turns. One of us was at the front with the lead rope and two of us were at the back, one on the left, one on the right, with the long ropes.

When we were at the front we had to made the horse go forward, when we were at the back we had to make her turn and stop.