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Bark and Read 17.1.18

In Bark & Read today we met Fab who is in training to be an assistance dog. We learned about his training and how dogs can help people with all different kinds of needs. Anthony showed us how Fab is learning to open doors using a rope toy. We talked about different types of working dogs like sniffer dogs who search for bombs and search and rescue dogs who look for people who are lost.

Fab enjoyed our reading, and so did we, some of us really wanted to know what would happen next in our friend’s story!


Science Club

Great start to science club with Year 1 today. We loved finding out which Liguria were gloopy, and which were runny!




Evaluating healthy houmous


Great to see lots of children smelling, tasting and evaluating different healthy dips this week. Smoked houmous was a firm least favourite! Although, some of us liked the fact that it tasted like hot dogs! Our overall favourite seemed to be the Moroccan, which was spicy and lemony! Delicious.




Iranian Turnip Soup

To kick off our new English book, ‘Pea Boy and other stories from Iran’, we followed a traditional recipe for Iranian Turnip Soup.The children had to slice, dice, mince and measure before cooking their delicious soup. We just loved it! A great insight into Iranian culture.

I was delighted to see EVERY child in class taste the soup; it’s so important to try healthy foods.

After, wrote our own recipe cards, so we can make the meal with our families!


Mr. Potato Head win should happen very soon!

The race to make Mr. Potato Head is getting really exciting now!

Year 6 and Year 3 are very close, with Yr 6 just in the lead by 1 piece!

At this rate we should have a winner by next week!

Get thinking about possible rewards Years 6 and 3!


Year 2 visit the Metropolitan Cathedral

Year 2 had a lovely afternoon on Friday at the Metropolitan Cathedral for the Epiphany service. We were mesmerised by the bright star and enjoyed singing some familar Christmas carols. Three of our children dressed up as the kings and played a very special part in the service. Take a look at our great photos from the day.


Year 1’s environmental art

Year 1 have begun a new art topic, learning about the work of the Turner-Prize-winning sculptor, Richard Long. We looked at ways to use objects from nature to create art and gathered interesting objects from the school grounds. Year 1 have also been learning to use the Photobooth app, and the children used the app to photograph their own art work! Well done, Year 1!


A wintery welcome back!

We were delighted to see all our friends from Nursery and Reception, and to welcome some new friends! The start of the week was very cold so we were excited to explore outdoors. We had to rescue some toys frozen in the water tray and loved looking through and smashing ice!

Back indoors we created wintery pictures using a variety of materials.

We also set up an investigation to see if we could make ice art by adding some decorations to water in trays and and leaving them to freeze overnight. However, the weather got warmer so they have not yet frozen and we will have to wait and see! Talking about what we think will happen and why is a great way for us to learn.




Pizza tasting in D&T!

Today, we started our new D&T topic. This term, Year 2 are going to be designing and making their own pizzas, so we started by checking out the competition! We tasted 4 different kinds of pizzas, each with different toppings and different flavours, before describing the look, smell and taste of each pizza, and deciding on our favourite. We can’t wait to make our own!


Santa Claus Came to Town…

Year 2 had a wonderful surprise yesterday morning. Our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy, (and Year 1’s elf Elfie) had spoken to Father Christmas about how good KS1 had been this term. When we walked into our classrooms we were amazed to see that Santa and Buddy had left us some wonderful Christmas presents. Take a look at our photos from the morning.