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Foundation Stage news...

Keeping our teeth and ourselves healthy

In Nursery and Reception we are learning a lot about keeping healthy. We have been finding out how to brush our teeth effectively, and have even started brushing our teeth in school. We have also been investigating and drawing different fruits and vegetables, and learning about how these foods are good for us.


Learning about celebrations at church

Reception enjoyed a visit to St Patrick’s church, using spotter sheets to help us find features linked to celebrations.


A wintery welcome back!

We were delighted to see all our friends from Nursery and Reception, and to welcome some new friends! The start of the week was very cold so we were excited to explore outdoors. We had to rescue some toys frozen in the water tray and loved looking through and smashing ice!

Back indoors we created wintery pictures using a variety of materials.

We also set up an investigation to see if we could make ice art by adding some decorations to water in trays and and leaving them to freeze overnight. However, the weather got warmer so they have not yet frozen and we will have to wait and see! Talking about what we think will happen and why is a great way for us to learn.




A special story from a wonderful story-teller

This morning foundation stage were very lucky to be visited by Josh from year 5. He had brought in a book for us written in the style of “We’re going on a bear hunt” but telling the story of the first Christmas! He read us the story beautifully, and even explained what some of the trickier words meant. We love it when the older children come to read to us! Thank you Josh.

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A special visitor on party day!

Yesterday was very special as we thought we heard sleigh bells and then…found Father Christmas in a beautiful grotto! We told him we had all been good all year.

Then we had a lovely party lunch, and great fun at the disco in the afternoon!



So proud of our performers!

Nursery and Reception put everyone in the Christmas spirit today with our Christmas performances! We sang some favourite festive songs, and even performed our own story – “We’re going on a Rudolph hunt!” Well done children, and thank you to everyone who came to watch us!



Icy investigators!

Nursery and Reception have been having a wonderful time outdoors exploring the icy conditions. We have been finding and describing 2D  and 3D shapes made of ice, and talking through icy windows! This morning we also set up an investigation to see what happens if we leave some water and sequins in trays overnight. Will it be cold enough to freeze tonight? If so we will have some icy decorations! If not we will carefully gather all our sequins for another day so they are not dangerous to all the wildlife we have around school.


So much excitement about the snow!

Nursery and Reception were delighted with the first snow today. We ran around cheering while it was snowing, then afterwards looked closely at what had settled. We talked about how it looked and felt, and what might happen to it next. Why was it disappearing? What does melting mean? We hope to have some more soon!


Festive fun in Early Years!

We are having lots of festive fun in Nursery and Reception! We have made a giant picture of the Nativity scene, and love role-play related to Jesus’ birthday around it. We have had a great time exploring pattern while making paper chains (which turned into moustaches!). We are also learning through play in our “Santa’s workshop” role-play area, writing lists and building and counting toys, and are enjoying the home corner for role-play celebrations, cooking and reading in a cosy Christmassy reading area. We are also making and writing our own greetings cards. Not a minute to waste!


Bear Hunt Big Art!

We are enjoying immersing ourselves in the book “We’re going on a bear hunt” and getting messy creating large art pieces based on the different settings in the story!