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The Three Little Pigs and lots of friends!

This morning lots of our families and friends came to join us to celebrate how we have been learning through the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. We enjoyed showing them how we do character interviews and write news reports in our Newsroom, designed and built houses and dens with a variety of materials, and created our own game called “Chimneys and ladders”. This helped us to act as the story characters and to practice our maths skills! We will be having more fun at 2 o’clock!



He’s still on the loose!

The Big Bad Wolf has still not been caught! We have been reading and writing news reports about his antics – climbing onto the roof of the brick house and trying to get down the chimney! This afternoon we built more walls and a chimney, and took on the role of reporters, interviewing the wolf as he tried to get into the house!

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The tallest chimney EVER!!!

We had a great time this afternoon creating a huge chimney for the Big Bad Wolf to climb down! Then we had fun acting out the story again. We can’t wait for further construction challenges next week, and finding out more about 3D shapes!


Fairy-Tale land news updates…

The Big Bad Wolf is still on the loose in Fairy-Tale Land and has now blown down the stick house, and been seen near the brick house! We have been developing an in-class newsroom to keep up with events, interviewing characters and reading and writing news reports. We have also been writing and talking about our own news. To help the three pigs,we have been thinking a lot about shapes used to build houses. We have enjoyed using Kapla blocks to make designs with 2D shapes and will be building with 3D shapes next week. We have also started to investigate the different materials we can use for building so we can advise the pigs about their choices. The Fairy-Tale Land police have been on the phone again, and we have been helping with their enquiries. Phew! What a busy week! Thank goodness we can apply our Maths, English and Science skills to help the people who need us!


Enjoying the sunshine, and immersed in stories!

We have had a great time designing houses for the three pigs this week using our mathematical skills by choosing 2D shapes to make plans. Outdoors in the sunshine, we have written messages and signs related to the story of “The Three Little Pigs” and enjoyed reading in our little pig’s house…until the wolf came and tried to blow it down!!!!!


What an exciting day!

We can’t believe the day we have had today! When we arrived at school we discovered that the Big Bad Wolf had left huge paw-prints around the room and even outdoors in the garden! So of course we knew we had to write reports to the Fairy-tale Land police to let them know as quickly as we could. A few hours later, the phone rang and it was the Fairy-tale Land police asking us for more details! We told the police officers as clearly as we could about what we had discovered. Later on we used 2D shapes to begin to plan and design houses for the pigs, talking about the features of the shapes we chose. Thankfully, before we went home the Fairy-tale police officers called again to let us know that the wolf had been sighted in the Big Dark Forest in Fairy-tale Land and was no longer near Liverpool. Phew! The officers were VERY grateful for our help. Have a look at our exciting day in the pictures below!


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

We have had a great week reading about the Big Bad Wolf who has escaped from the Fairy-tale Land Police! We have written about him, sent messages to report sightings, and designed and built traps and houses for him! Next week we will be reading all about his bad behaviour in the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. We’ve also had fun playing with bubbles and talking about the wind, and making and using our own hopscotch games. We also used target games in PE and outdoors to extend our maths skills.


Investigating rocks and minerals

In science, we’ve been learning to observe closely and how to classify rocks and minerals. This knowledge has been so handy in all of our learning this term, where we’ve been studying books like ‘the pebble in my pocket’ and ‘the street beneath my feet’ in English, and learning about the Stone Age in History.



Brilliant beans beneath the surface!

Our current RE topic, leading up to Easter, is “Growing”. We planted beans in a plastic bottle so that we could see them grow and change and have been amazed to see the roots develop beneath the soil. Now the shoots are shooting up! We will measure them and plant them outdoors before the Easter holidays and wonder how big they will have grown by the time we come back!

Looking at the roots in the soil, which we would not usually see below the ground, has helped us to think about our exciting whole school book “The street beneath my feet”. We are going to write poems about the amazing things that may be found underground!


Mother’s Day Assembly

We were proud of all the children in our Mother’s Day assembly, where we enjoyed sharing the book “Cantankerous King Colin” and describing how lovely our mums are! Thank you to everyone who came to support us, and to all our families for their care and support all the time! After our assembly we had a great time drawing and writing about our mums outdoors, as it is such a lovely day!