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Maths Blog news...

Icy investigators!

Nursery and Reception have been having a wonderful time outdoors exploring the icy conditions. We have been finding and describing 2D  and 3D shapes made of ice, and talking through icy windows! This morning we also set up an investigation to see what happens if we leave some water and sequins in trays overnight. Will it be cold enough to freeze tonight? If so we will have some icy decorations! If not we will carefully gather all our sequins for another day so they are not dangerous to all the wildlife we have around school.


Year 4 maths fun!

We have been having great fun reasoning in maths this week! Here we are working as a team on fractions, trying to find the odd one out!!


Festive fun in Early Years!

We are having lots of festive fun in Nursery and Reception! We have made a giant picture of the Nativity scene, and love role-play related to Jesus’ birthday around it. We have had a great time exploring pattern while making paper chains (which turned into moustaches!). We are also learning through play in our “Santa’s workshop” role-play area, writing lists and building and counting toys, and are enjoying the home corner for role-play celebrations, cooking and reading in a cosy Christmassy reading area. We are also making and writing our own greetings cards. Not a minute to waste!


KIND – Day 3

Today, Year 1 learned how to use Venn diagrams and pictograms to help us to classify different kinds of animals like mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We also learned about animal food chains and investigated what some carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat!


We’re great at the grid method!

Year 3 have been practising the grid method today using place value counters to build conceptual understanding!



We’ve been using place value apparatus a lot this term, learning how to partition numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.


Year 1’s Cracking Eggs-periment!

We have been learning about the strength of different materials in science. Do you think it’s possible to stand on two cartons of eggs without breaking a single egg? Amazingly, it is! Safa and Abby took on the challenge and managed to prove that eggs are stronger than we think!

We looked at lots of strong shapes that appear often in architecture like domes and triangles, and we worked in teams to make the strongest structures we could make…only using spaghetti and marshmallows! Well done, everyone!


Year 1 science: investigating changing materials

Year 1 have been doing some great investigations this morning about how materials can change! First, we used science and maths to make snow! We measured 2 spoonfuls of Insta-Snow powder and 100ml of water…and it turned the powder into artificial snow!

Next, we explored how water can change small, sticky bio-gel into special, bouncy jelly marbles! The clear ones even look invisible in water!


Odd and Even Numbers

Year 2 had lots of fun finding out about odd and even numbers today, we are becoming number geniuses! Our maths work has been amazing this week. Well done Year 2, great start – keep up the good work!


Counting in 5s, 2s, 10s and 3s!

Year 2 did some great maths work today, learning to use the 5 times table to help them count large numbers of objects. We realised that if we grouped the objects into 5s, we could count them much more quickly!

That’s not all, though! We’ve also been practising to count forwards and backwards in 2s…


and 10s! Great work, Year 2!