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Enjoying the sunshine, and immersed in stories!

We have had a great time designing houses for the three pigs this week using our mathematical skills by choosing 2D shapes to make plans. Outdoors in the sunshine, we have written messages and signs related to the story of “The Three Little Pigs” and enjoyed reading in our little pig’s house…until the wolf came and tried to blow it down!!!!!


Investigating shadows

As part of our science topic about the changing seasons, we learned about how the earth rotates once a day to give us day and night, and how the earth revolves around the sun to give us 4 seasons in a year: autumn, winter, spring and summer. We went on to the yard and used our maths skills to measure the length of our shadows and investigate whether the length and direction of the shadows changed at different times of the day. Even though it looks like the sun is moving across the sky, we are the ones moving as the earth spins around! We love science and maths!

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Making rain gauges

Year 1 have started a new science topic this term called ‘Habitats and Seasonal Change’. We started off by thinking about our seasons and how the weather changes throughout the year. We decided to make rain gauges so we could measure how much rain falls on our school grounds in April. Do you think this will be more than, less than, or the same as the average rainfall in winter or summer?


What an exciting day!

We can’t believe the day we have had today! When we arrived at school we discovered that the Big Bad Wolf had left huge paw-prints around the room and even outdoors in the garden! So of course we knew we had to write reports to the Fairy-tale Land police to let them know as quickly as we could. A few hours later, the phone rang and it was the Fairy-tale Land police asking us for more details! We told the police officers as clearly as we could about what we had discovered. Later on we used 2D shapes to begin to plan and design houses for the pigs, talking about the features of the shapes we chose. Thankfully, before we went home the Fairy-tale police officers called again to let us know that the wolf had been sighted in the Big Dark Forest in Fairy-tale Land and was no longer near Liverpool. Phew! The officers were VERY grateful for our help. Have a look at our exciting day in the pictures below!


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

We have had a great week reading about the Big Bad Wolf who has escaped from the Fairy-tale Land Police! We have written about him, sent messages to report sightings, and designed and built traps and houses for him! Next week we will be reading all about his bad behaviour in the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. We’ve also had fun playing with bubbles and talking about the wind, and making and using our own hopscotch games. We also used target games in PE and outdoors to extend our maths skills.


Amazing Statistics

The statistics homework for Year 2-6 pupils is to find out the most amazing statistic you can and write it as a comment on this blog.

For example, did you know that nearly 2/3 of the people in the history of humanity that lived to be 65 years old are alive today?

Also, the average person will walk 120,000 km (75,000 miles) in their life. That’s a little bit over 3 times around the world!

Also, last week’s match between Liverpool and Everton was only the second Merseyside derby in Premier League history without a single card shown (the first was their first ever Premier League clash at Goodison Park in December 1992).

What is the most amazing statistic you can find?

Good luck,

Mr. Larkin


A sunny welcome back!

We had a lovely first day of term yesterday, with the sun out and new friends joining us in Early Years! We had lots of fun outdoors in our lovely gardens, looking for and writing about the signs of spring we found as we played. In PE we enjoyed keeping scores and comparing numbers to extend our maths skills in a fun way!


Year 2 Grand National Maths Club

We had a special game to play in Maths Club today. Because the Grand National is taking place this weekend, we decided to have our own maths Grand National race today! The children chose a number at random from 1-12, so they knew where to start their horses. We took turns rolling the dice and, if we could use any of the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) to make our number using the 2 numbers on the dice, then we could move our horses forward one place! Ryan’s horse eventually won the race, but Ava and Oghosa were very close behind! Well done, everyone!


Year 3’s 3D Shape Museum

Today, Year 3 have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes. We decided to create our own 3D shapes using cocktail sticks for the edges and sweets for the vertices. We knew how many edges and vertices each shape had, so, for example, if we had 5 sweets (vertices) and 8 sticks (edges), we knew we could make a square based pyramid! Take a look!


Brilliant beans beneath the surface!

Our current RE topic, leading up to Easter, is “Growing”. We planted beans in a plastic bottle so that we could see them grow and change and have been amazed to see the roots develop beneath the soil. Now the shoots are shooting up! We will measure them and plant them outdoors before the Easter holidays and wonder how big they will have grown by the time we come back!

Looking at the roots in the soil, which we would not usually see below the ground, has helped us to think about our exciting whole school book “The street beneath my feet”. We are going to write poems about the amazing things that may be found underground!