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World Cup Fun!

For the 2018 World Cup, we are doing a whole-school penalty shoot-out competition using the groups and tournament brackets from the World Cup in Russia. Every class from Nursery to Year 6 have been drawn a group from the World Cup; Year 1 have drawn Group E and Year 2 have been drawn Group D. We have used lots of maths so far, including working out how many matches we need to play to ensure each team plays the others once, keeping real time tally charts during the penalty shoot-outs to keep score, and using the results to create the final group tables.

Next week, we will be moving on to the knockout stages, where we will have different classes facing each other! Great work so far, everyone!


Action shots!

These children are coming on leaps and bounds! Take a look at our fantastic jumping. We were measuring how far we could jump by counting the bricks, then trying to jump even further!


The Three Little Pigs and lots of friends!

This morning lots of our families and friends came to join us to celebrate how we have been learning through the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. We enjoyed showing them how we do character interviews and write news reports in our Newsroom, designed and built houses and dens with a variety of materials, and created our own game called “Chimneys and ladders”. This helped us to act as the story characters and to practice our maths skills! We will be having more fun at 2 o’clock!



The tallest chimney EVER!!!

We had a great time this afternoon creating a huge chimney for the Big Bad Wolf to climb down! Then we had fun acting out the story again. We can’t wait for further construction challenges next week, and finding out more about 3D shapes!


How many legs?

Dimitri visited a zoo. He peered into one of the cages but the glass steamed up and he could only see 12 legs.

Who could the legs belong to? How many different ways can you make 12 legs using these animals: giraffes, tigers, penguins and flamingos?

Year 1 have found some great ways to solve this problem. Can you think of any more ways?


Super shapes!

We had great fun today investigating how we could make 2D shapes with our bodies in PE, a bit like using Kapla blocks last week! Have a look at the super shapes we made!

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Fairy-Tale land news updates…

The Big Bad Wolf is still on the loose in Fairy-Tale Land and has now blown down the stick house, and been seen near the brick house! We have been developing an in-class newsroom to keep up with events, interviewing characters and reading and writing news reports. We have also been writing and talking about our own news. To help the three pigs,we have been thinking a lot about shapes used to build houses. We have enjoyed using Kapla blocks to make designs with 2D shapes and will be building with 3D shapes next week. We have also started to investigate the different materials we can use for building so we can advise the pigs about their choices. The Fairy-Tale Land police have been on the phone again, and we have been helping with their enquiries. Phew! What a busy week! Thank goodness we can apply our Maths, English and Science skills to help the people who need us!


Enjoying the sunshine, and immersed in stories!

We have had a great time designing houses for the three pigs this week using our mathematical skills by choosing 2D shapes to make plans. Outdoors in the sunshine, we have written messages and signs related to the story of “The Three Little Pigs” and enjoyed reading in our little pig’s house…until the wolf came and tried to blow it down!!!!!


Investigating shadows

As part of our science topic about the changing seasons, we learned about how the earth rotates once a day to give us day and night, and how the earth revolves around the sun to give us 4 seasons in a year: autumn, winter, spring and summer. We went on to the yard and used our maths skills to measure the length of our shadows and investigate whether the length and direction of the shadows changed at different times of the day. Even though it looks like the sun is moving across the sky, we are the ones moving as the earth spins around! We love science and maths!

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Making rain gauges

Year 1 have started a new science topic this term called ‘Habitats and Seasonal Change’. We started off by thinking about our seasons and how the weather changes throughout the year. We decided to make rain gauges so we could measure how much rain falls on our school grounds in April. Do you think this will be more than, less than, or the same as the average rainfall in winter or summer?