At St Patrick’s, we use ICT throughout all our subjects and encourage children to do the same at home. It is of paramount importance that parents and children are aware of how to safely use the Internet.

St Patrick’s E-safety Policy 2016-17

ICT Policy 2015 – 2017

St Patrick’s E-Safety Rules

Computing and ICT LTP 2016 – 2017

Computing curriculum map

Social media and Apps – this is a guide to the positive and negatives of each social media forum your child may try to use.

Age restrictions for social media

This page aims to give you some information for parents to discuss with their child on how to keep safe while using the Internet.

Kidsmart – Created to inform children of how to safety use new technologies and the potential dangers they may face.

ChildNet – a website giving you information and advice on e-safety and how to report any abuse.

Think U Know – this site provides information for children and parents about e-safety and how to report any abuse.

Vodafone – Digital Parenting – Advice for parenting in a digital age.

Childnet for Parents & Carers

NSPCC E-Safety

Be Share Aware

Think You Know How (KS1)

BBC Stay Safe 

Copies of Vodafone’s Digital Parenting magazine can be downloaded below.

Digital Parenting – September 2015

Digital Parenting – April 2015

Useful Links for Children

How secure is my password?

Password Rap