General Websites

Interests and things to do:

Animals and Nature:

WWF – This is the kids club for the world wildlife fund, but you have to become a member so ask whoever looks after you first.

RSPCA – This is the RSPCA kids pages.  You might need to be a member to look at some of the pages so ask whoever looks after you first if you want to be a member.

RHS – This website has ideas for gardening, planting, growing, and lots of activities for indoors and outside.


BBC – You can get some recipes from the I Can Cook pages.

Lets Get Cooking – You can get recipes, advice about how to cook, and ideas for healthy food that tastes nice on this website


National Gallery – interactive art activity

NGA – interactive art activity

News – what’s going on in the world explained:

BBC Newsround


Read Liverpool – Online library

Clubs, Sports Clubs, and Activities:

Kids Guide – remember you must ask whoever looks after you before you think of joining a club.

Games, Things to do, TV and Music:



If you need help:

Childine – Childline help with all kinds of worries.

BBC Stay Safe – Staying safe, especially online.