School Council Projects



This year the school council will look at a number of different projects. These will include team building, fundraising, exploring our city and supporting health and well being in our school.

Shylowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary:

The school council went to Shylowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary to  work with the horses.  They learnt about horses and also  working as a team, facing challenges and building confidence. In their blogs (see school blog) the councillors explain more about what they did and what the experience was like. At the end of the sessions everyone felt that they had enjoyed their new experience and many of them had done something they had never done before, whether that was riding the horse, or even just seeing a horse close up. They had all worked together and encouraged each other when they needed it, and they realised that when they work together they can faces challenges participate in fun new activities.




The School Council said that they wanted to look at fundraising throughout the year for various good causes.

Culture trips:

The School Council also wanted to continue with the culture trips and to explore some of the museums, galleries and sights of our wonderful city.



Culture trips:

In 2015-16 the School Council were exploring the culture and history of our great city.

Following a visit to the museum early in the Autumn term some of the children started to think about how many museums, galleries and sights there were in Liverpool and how many they has been too.  An idea hatched…the school council should explore a variety of places in the city that are part of the culture and history of Liverpool.


Community Gardening Project:

The School Council put in a successful bid to the Mayoral Youth Fund and have been awarded some money for a community gardening project.

We created an evergreen and sensory garden.  We invited families and local people from residential homes for the elderly to join us, and we all worked together to build a lovely garden and to make some new friends.  We designed the garden together so we could use everyone’s ideas.

Most of the children in school took part over the weeks it took to make our garden and everyone involved worked really hard.  Miss Rogers helped us to learn about the plants and how to plant and grow them successfully.  Mrs. Fairhurst and Miss Price helped us to organise the project.

We had a tea party to celebrate and invited the Lord Mayor of Liverpool to open our garden.

We wrote all about our project and applied for the Speaker of the House of Commoner National School Council awards, we were runners up from about 700 school councils! Louise Ellman the local MP came to assembly and presented us with our award.

We had another tea party with some of our community friends to celebrate our award and share it with them.

Here are some of the photographs of the project, starting with some photographs to show what the garden looked like before we started work on it so you can see by the end all the changes we made.